• Bug#01 Test Talks Wales


    Welcomes to our Autumn Test Talks! Our first meetup will be hosted by the awesome team at bipsync (just near Cardiff Station, above the Vue Cinema). Another interesting evening with some epic speakers that have already been confirmed! We'll be discussing why sharks are integral to TDD, why Remote Working in your pyjamas is the way to go (and how to do it!) and anything else that comes into our heads. Get the date in your diary and we'll see you soon. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 18:00 - Arrive at bipsync - take the lift in Vue cinema to floor 3A (see detailed instructions at the bottom of this schedule) Have a chat with some of the other Test Talk(ers), grab some pizza and have a beer (or 2!) 18.05 - Talk #1 Bruce Hughes - QA Analyst at Fresh8 Gaming "Meetings from bed: tools and techniques for remote ceremonies" When it comes to daily stand ups, retrospectives and other agile ceremonies (or meetings in general), there is an automatic tendency to think that just because you need to communicate with each other directly, that you need to be in a room together to do it effectively. This is simply untrue. I will share a lovely selection of (free) tools and behaviours we use at Fresh8Gaming to make engaging and useful workshops with a remote-first mindset - and the super reasons why! More about Bruce here > https://www.sr2rec.co.uk/bruce/ Short Break Talk #2 Simon Stratton CEO of Safebear "We Need To Talk About TDD" With the amazingly flexible test tools available today what does Test-Driven Development look like in the current climate? Should we rethink some of the core concepts? Simon will take us through a typical programming scenario when he goes off on a programming bender after the kids have gone to bed. Using some Cuke, Jest, Stryker to kills some mutants, Protractor and maybe a little Browser Monkey if he has time, he is will take us on a journey through the mind of a Test-Driven Developer. Simon will also look to understand if there are other, better, methodologies out there. WARNING: Includes sharks and biblical references. Safebear's blog: https://safebear.co.uk/safebear-blog We look forward to seeing you there! *How to get to Bipsync UK* Address: Unit 10, Stadium Plaza, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1LA We are based in the same building as the Vue cinema by Cardiff Central station. If you go into the cinema foyer entrance, there are a set of double doors to your left. Through there is a lift, take that to floor 3A, and in front of you will be two sets of double doors. Go through both sets of double doors and walk to the end of the empty space and you’ll see our office in the corner on the left.

  • Bug#02 Test Talks Wales: XMAS PARTY

    The Shell

    Welcome to the Test Talks Wales Xmas Party! This will follow the same format of the Summer Social, with a roundup of all the things Testing that have been exciting us this year. Plus, we'll also be covering what to look forward to next year. Here's a rough guide to what we'll be blathering on about: =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* 6pm: Arrive, pizza, beer, mince pies. 6:15pm: *2019: a retrospective:* > The Cucumber and Smartbear merger > AI appearing in Test Automation Tools - meh. > AI appearing in Reporting - yey! > The first free Cloud Automation Framework. > Visual API testing > Web 3.0 - should we care? > TestContainers > Documentation is sexy again? (edit: was it ever sexy?) > Defectless Testing - RIP Jira tickets? > RPA goes Open Source =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* 7pm: *What to look forward to in 2020:* > RIP DevOps, the relentless rise of NoOps > Selenium 4.0 > Appium 2.0 > Incredible Serverless technologies > More adoption of Shift-Right Testing methodologies >> Code Instrumentation///RUM///Synthetic User Monitoring///Dark Launching///Blue/Green Deploy///Alpha/Beta///A/B Testing///Mediation Deployment (Does anyone know what this is? Apparently it's big...)///Injecting Chaos///Dogfooding///Feature Flags > To ShadowDOM or not to ShadowDOM? > WebAssembly and Rusty frontends > Property-based Testing > AI Testing with crowdsourced humans =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* 8pm: Santa (only kidding!) And anything else that has caught our eye recently - please do also suggest any news, topics or tools you've noticed and would like discussed, by adding a note in the comments below. It's been a busy year for Testing! Oh, and Happy Christmas!