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We're Test Talks Wales and we want to talk all things Test! 😃💃


We're really lucky to get Dmitriy Gumeniuk, the Product Manager at *ReportPortal.io* and founder of the *DelEx* conference to talk Machine Learning and about one of the most exciting Open Source (free!) projects out there for Testers.

If you're not yet convinced about the benefits of AI and ML in Testing, then I'd highly recommend joining the meetup and learning how it can help you to report and analyse Test results.


Things are a changing, and to help out with that we're running this event remotely. If you're at work, feel free to book a meeting room and call in as a group or if you're at home, please use headphones to avoid feedback. And stay healthy!

The plan for the Remote Meetup:
17:45 - Logon and make notes, eat virtual pizza 🍕drink virtual 🍺.

18:00- Short introduction

18:05 Talk by Dmitriy Gumeniuk - Using ML to find value in your automated tests

Dmitriy will share details about open-sourced AI-powered test-automation dashboard — *ReportPortal.io*. He will cover use cases of machine learning in test automation log processing and test fail categorization. He will demonstrate the benefits of real-time reporting from multiplied, distributed or remote environments. You will also learn how to start it on you project, organize dashboards and metrics tracking. And how to leverage the API of the tool for integration with you CI tools like Jenkins.

18:50 Questions

19:10 Open Forum:

Any Test questions, concerns or advice that could be answered by the community.

E.g. Are you considering a Test tool and want to get feedback from Testers who have used it?


More information about Dmitriy:

Dmitriy Gumeniuk (aka Dzmitry Humianiuk) is Delivery Manager, Product manager. 13 years in Software Development. Java stack development, project management, product management, Agile engineering and test automation at any scale. Active participant and conference speaker.

For the last 5 years leading solution accelerators/tools development for test automation, focusing of Machine Learning and Neural Networks usage in testing, active fan of DevTestOps practices.

Organizer and founder of DelEx Conference, Product Owner of ReportPortal.io