Version Control and Branching Strategies that Testers must learn

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All, I'm glad to have Simon delivering a very useful talk/demo for us all the way from Switzerland.
Simon Berner is a Swiss test engineer and has spoken at Australian Testing Days conference in Sydney. He's also created a course on Automation University recently. You can learn more about Simon here:

Abstract of talk/ demo:
In today’s world of CI/CD pipelines where new versions of our production and test code has to be checked out at speed, it really matters which branching strategy in your projects version control system you choose.
Git is probably the most well known and used version control system these days. In this talk I share with you some of my personal insights and experiences about common Git branching strategies which are used in the real world today and which one might be the best fit for your current situation.
To round this session up, I will do a small demo around the often asked question: “Why is the master branch called master branch in Git and can I change its name to better fit our naming conventions?”