• #43 Social meetup & the stories from 2018

    Beer DeLuxe Fed Square

    Dear All, Welcome to 2019! We hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season and have come back energised and refreshed. Last year was full of achievements with TEAM organising three conferences, many meetups, a few private trainings on Automation, API testing and Agile testing, Webinars and much more. We were also glad to help many job seekers find new opportunities and challenges. We are hoping that 2019 is going to be as equally successful and enjoyable. We are kicking off the year with a social meetup where you will get an opportunity to meet other testers, discuss the challenges you faced last year, what you would like to see from TEAM this year and how we can strengthen the community. We have booked a table at Beer DeLuxe at Federation square under the name "TEAM meetup". The booking is from 5:45pm. Come along and see some of the familiar faces from TEAM and meet new people. The meetup is pay your own way, so please buy at least one (non-alcoholic or the other) drink to help support the venue. Can't make it but still want to contribute? Join the slack channel and share your ideas in the TEAM_Meetup channel. Join here: https://bit.ly/2KsGVpE We hope to see you there! Cheers!

  • #41 Saying No to Selenium Tests & Open Source Taurus Test Automation

    Tonight will have 2 awesome tech talks: #1 Saying No to Selenium Tests How many times do we test the same things at multiple layers, multiple levels, adding time to the build process and testing cycle, delaying the feedback? We know what to test and how to test, but what is the right place to test it? Using a case study, we will see how each component can be tested and bring all these tests together to understand and build the testing pyramid and how it enables us to build the right testing framework with fewer selenium i.e functional tests. #2 Open Source Taurus Test Automation You will be glad to know that the creator of the Taurus project is visiting us from Moscow to deliver a talk. Andrey Pokhilko is a renowned thought leader and innovator within the Apache JMeter performance testing community, founder of JMeter-Plugins.org - the largest source of independent plugins for JMeter, and creator and lead developer on the Taurus project. Andrey has worked extensively to create and develop tools that enhance the Apache JMeter protocol coverage and analytical reporting capabilities. He has world-class experience with large-scale performance testing, having led the load testing team for five years at search engine giant Yandex, and with the BlazeMeter team for 4 years. Andrey will share the background reasons for, and the process behind, creating Taurus, an open source framework for continuous testing which helps you by hiding the complexities of running performance tests. Andrey will demonstrate the value that Taurus bring to performance and functional testing and to test automation, and how it both simplifies and extends the capabilities of Apache JMeter, without the need to actually master JMeter.

  • #40 Building a shared context for Quality & Accelerated learning for Agile teams

    This meetup will be jammed packed with two great Quality related talks! Agenda: 5:30 - 5:45: Networking 5:45 - 6:15: Accelerated learning for Agile teams - Ruma Dak 6:15 - 7:30: Building a shared context for Quality with a federated framework - Paul Szymkowiak Talk #1 Accelerated learning for Agile teams Speaker: Ruma Dak, MYOB Starting in October 2017, a crew at MYOB embarked on an exciting 6 weeks journey of an Agile Dojo! Guided by an Agile Coach, it was an intensive learning experience which gave us opportunities to challenge the status quo, carry out various experiments, introduced them to new tools, techniques & practices to foster collaboration, refine team dynamics, bring structure to their approaches and improve the way they worked in general. As a first-hand experience sharing of a successful Agile Dojo, this talk will give you glimpses of our 'dojo' adventure, learnings, challenges, interesting surprises and lots of 'aha' moments! If I am not wrong, it has not been tried at any other organization in Melbourne! You will get tons of inspiration to give it a try! Talk #2: Building a shared context for Quality with a federated framework Speaker: Paul Szymkowiak, Consulting Director, Co-Syne LTD. We often think of Quality - and its close sibling Value - in absolute terms: a team, a timebox, a chain of activities, a process to be followed. But Quality and Value are essentially subjective things: they evolve in an ongoing dialog between stakeholders, based on stakeholder needs within a situational context. Relegating them to the byproduct of a fixed, repeated process results in poor outcomes and wasted investment. The challenge for any organisation focused on delivering valuable outcomes is to understand their unique operating context: you must interpret it sufficiently to form an objective process that delivers value to meet the needs of your stakeholders. This introductory talk and sample workshop will introduce you to the power of context-driven thinking, giving you an experience with tools that can tune your work to better satisfy your stakeholders. The hands-on activity introduces a flexible, powerful framework that will help you escape ineffective/ inappropriate processes and tools, liberating your work to provide real value to your stakeholders. Participants will work in groups to explore how quality and value are contextual concerns.

  • #39 Blockchain and what it means to software testers

    We have all heard rumours of how blockchain will disrupt the software industry, but many people are still uncertain about how this will impact our lives as testers. Will we need new skills and experience to survive in this new world? Will software testing even still be a relevant craft? David will help us understand what blockchain is and how it is growing as an emerging technology. This talk will looks at some implementations of blockchain and discusses what this means for software testing. The presentation will be followed by a short interactive activity designed to to reinforce the testing principles of blockchains. About David McGregor: I've been testing for the last 15 years working in Sydney, London and Melbourne for companies ranging from banks to startups. I'm a firm believer in testing smarter not harder. A few years ago I coined the term “full-stack tester” and have been spending much of the last few years getting rid of slow and flaky ways of testing. I strive to bring out the best in teams and see quality raised up as a cultural value. I can’t walk past an unmarked button or unlocked UI without having a go!

  • #38 Agile Quality Dojo

    MYOB Richmond office

    Agile Testers are constantly striving to "shift quality left" in order to enable faster delivery and feedback loops for our teams. Shifting left often takes two forms: automating earlier, and building quality into your stories. How do you build quality into a story? At MYOB, Scott Miles and Peter Baldwin have been helping achieve this goal through Agile Quality Dojos. An Agile Quality Dojo is a workshop which helps you understand how to achieve this and helps improve the quality focus of your teams. This skills taught in this dojo are not just vital for a tester or QA, but are important for all members of your team. Through attending this dojo, not only will we help you improve your own skills, but you will also learn how to run a dojo with your own organisation to help develop "T" shaped team members and spread awareness of good quality practices.

  • #37 Visual Thinking Strategies and Lightning Talks

    Part 1: We will begin the night with a short session on creative thinking by Peter Baldwin called Visual Thinking Strategies. Peter will show us how to use this technique to improve idea generation and to increase participation from audiences. We will also discuss how this technique might be applied in other ways to software testing. Part 2: Many of you have been asking for another opportunity to give a short presentation to the TEAM, and we are happy to announce that the opportunity has at last arrived! Lightning talks are your turn to share with the TEAM through a short 5 minute talk on any topic of your choice. Come along, listen to a bunch of smart people talk about interesting topics, and give back to the TEAM which has taught you so much. What is a lightning talk? Lightning talks are short, to the point talks on a topic. They usually do not require any preparation or slides. What are they about? You can choose any topic that you think would be relevant to your peers. It could be a process you use at work that you think is undervalued, your thoughts on the future of our industry, your experience with a tool, or even a frustration that you are having and would like help solving. If you want to try your hand at presenting but don't feel like you have a worthy topic, we will help you select an interesting, but simple topic to talk about! I am not a good speaker. Do you know what all great speakers have in common? Every one of them started off as having never spoken in public before. You don't need to have any experience or to be a expert on the topic. This is your chance to try it out and to give back to the community. And yes, there will be experienced public speakers in the group to help you if you need tips on speaking. But I don't have anything to talk about. Yes you do! Even something that you think is the most common and basic idea can be revolutionary to other people. Do I have to speak if I come? No, you don't have to, but we will encourage you to! Have questions, comments, or just want to join in the conversation? Then join us on Slack! https://goo.gl/rKPeFy

  • #36 Tech talk: Mobile Automation using Appium

    Speaker: Manoj Kumar is a Selenium committer and a Principal Test Automation Consultant. He has architected many automated testing solutions using tools in the Selenium ecosystem for both web and mobile apps. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to different libraries such as Selenium, ngWebDriver, Serenity and Protractor. He is also the author of a Selenium blog AssertSelenium. Don't miss the opportunity to learn a thing or two from him. Talk abstract: With a large number of applications and systems becoming mobile friendly, there is a chance that at some point of time you will be asked to test a mobile application. Here is an opportunity to learn about mobile testing framework using Appium. Appium is a freely distributed open source mobile application UI Testing framework. It allows native, hybrid and web application testing and supports automation test on physical devices as well as on emulator or simulator both. It offers cross-platform application testing i.e. single API works for both Android and iOS platform test scripts. It has no dependency on Mobile device OS. Because, APPIUM has framework or wrapper that translate Selenium Webdriver commands into UIAutomation (iOS) or UIAutomator (Android) commands depending on the device type not any OS type.

  • #35 Lean Coffee

    Robert Half Technology

    Welcome to 2018 TEAM members! We are excited to kick-off the year with our first meetup, Lean Coffee. Lean Coffee is a simple but fantastic way to generate conversation and ideas. Instead of having a pre-planned agenda, discussions will be formed based on the interest of the participants, making sure that everyone gets something out of the meetup! If you have never done a Lean Coffee before, the steps are simple: 1. Participants will suggest topics to discuss 2. Topics will be voted on by participants 3. The highest voted topic will be discussed 4. After 5 minutes participants will vote whether to continue the topic or move onto the next one Come along for a night of interesting discussions and networking.