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The meetup for Software QA & Testing in Israel. We started as the home of JeST -Jerusalem SW Testing meeting, and now spread to additional parts of the country.

We publish events for testers (and non-testers...) who love to think and talk about testing, to inspire and be inspired.

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Online event

TestIL group is pleased to organize a Webinar on the topic:
Medical Software testing

>>> The Webinar will be held in Zoom <<<

16:45 - Connecting.
17:00 - TestIL intro
17:05 - Lecture on “Medical Software testing”
Medical software testing is different from software testing in other areas because there is a strong link between software bugs and risking human life.
There have been a number of cases in the history of digital medicine in which software bugs have even manifested themselves in the loss of human life.
V Model and models from the AGILE family may be suitable for Netflix streaming software, but are they suitable for live surgery streaming, featuring a human-surgeon robot, viewed by a specialist surgeon who is in another country?
18:05 -Summary.

** The lecture will be held in Hebrew

the lecture will be delivered by:
Shay Ginsbourg , Biomedical software engineer

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