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This is a meetup focused on those wanting to get into the field of software testing or who have just landed in the field. It's also great for those software tester who want to help mentor others.

It will focus on practical hands on learning, conversations, discussion intermixed with talks (not more than ⅓ talks per session).

We aim to give a foundation, a starting point, inspiration and to give those keen to learn the access to people keen to share and help. You can take it as far as you want to go...

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You decide :-)

Scott Logic

Hi all The topic this months session is yet to be planned but we're accepting ideas.... People so far have asked about an example of a full testing lifecycle and what does a good tester look like, general lean coffee on testing? Feel free to message me if you have anything specific you want to ask, discuss and I'll see what we can come up with. Usual rules apply, we'll provide drink and pizza if you bring yourselves and feel free to promote share this meetup the more the merrier. Ps we've had to skip mays meet up due to Family plans so sorry about that.

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Testing Jenga - Building in Quality

Scott Logic

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