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We love outdoor travel and good food ! If this sounds like fun, come join us.

When you join us, please use a "real" first name. This helps us get to know you and you, us. GrizzleFace might be descriptive but isn't nearly as useful as Brian.

Please remember to post a Whozat photo of yourself. The Whozat (Who is That) photo should be of you, fairly recent, and lets others recognize you. I just posted a picture of bearded me because I want people to know me when they see me.

While the title says "Club", this organization is really a group of people who go places together and enjoy the outdoors. For that reason, there is no President, V-President, structure. There are also no dues or regular meetings.

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Going back to the GMNP - and i will be trained to tackle summit

It was said of Alonso Quijana*, a "country squire no longer young. Being retired, he has much time for books." I am retiring in the first quarter of 2022 and look forward to much travel.
One of the first trips i plan to make is a return to the Guadalupe Mountains. Only this time i will be trained physically to tackle the summit of Texas' highpoint, Guadalupe Peak at 8,650 ft. We will also go a couple of weeks later in the year than our 2021 jaunt, in hopes of slightly better weather and no COVID masks.
The big wrinkle for me is this , after the mountains i am going to drive to EL Paso (never been there) and then come back via the Davis Mts SP, Balmoreah state park, add other state park places.

*Alonso assumed the persona of Don Quixote De La Mancha

More as it develops!

Ride the Boat to Alaska in 2022 (from SF CA)

Needs a location

Come join us for what will surely be a grand trip! We have made our reservation and paid our deposit and are really going! You can currently go for less than $1000 per person - an amzaing deal. Of course, you also have to get to San Francisco CA where the cruise begins.

To view all the details , visit this webpage at Vacations To Go.com https://www.vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=31854

The BIG Highpoint Loop TX to CAN and back again

Needs a location

Every state across the fruited plane has a single geographical highest point, the highpoint of every state. i have visited 26 of these including the highest (CA) and the second highest (CO), the lowest (FL),and the lowest west of the Mississippi (LA). Next summer, i am going to drive a giant northward loop and take in the highpoints of IA, IL, MI, WI, ND and SD. And while touring about, stop at Mt Rushmore, Sault Sainte Marie, and other place of interest along the way. It will be, dare i say it - FABULOUS!

Mord details to come!

July 2023? - The BIG Road Trip From Texas to Alaska and back again.

Denali National Park and Preserve

The summer of 2023 I am driving from Dallas / Denton to FAirbanks ALaska, a 12-day rolling sight seeing tour. I am taking my plywood tent and camping on the way. If you want to drive and ride along, camp or motel, on an epic road trip, this trip is for you.

A preliminary and very rough outline of the drive is:
Day 1: Saturday July 1, Denton TX to Newton KS, 350miles
Day 2: July 2, Sioux Falls, SD, 460 miles
Day 3: July 3, Minot ND, 505 miles
Day 4: July 4, Lloydminster AB, Canada, 575 miles
Day 5: July 5, , Dawson Creek, BC, 500 miles
Day 6: July 6 Fort Nelson, BC, 275 miles
Day 7: July 7, Watson Lake YT, 330 miles
Day 8: Saturday July 08, Champagne Landing 10, YT 350
Day 9: July 09, Dry Creek AK, 400 miles
Day 10: July 10, Savage River campground is located at Mile 13 on the Denali Park Road, AK 300 miles

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We Are Going to Guadalupe Peak March 24- March 28

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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