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Texas Hunting Club

The Texas Hunting Club

Welcome to the Texas Hunting Club! If you love to hunt, fish and camp, then you are in the right place. Our meetups will focus on taking trips to Texas Hunting ranches in search of the perfect hunting property where we can go hunting, fishing and camping on the weekends.

And for all the hunter haters out there, Yes, we are all proud members of PETA (People eating tasty animals). We love to work with hunting property owners to help them manage their deer, elk, turkey, pigs, dove, ducks, quail, pheasant and many other types of wildlife populations.

If your ranch has a depradation or predator problem, do not hesitate to give us a call. We work with several non-profit groups to donate all unwanted meat to local charities to feed the homeless and the hungry.

Of course, our motto is give a man a vension backstrap steak and he will be full for a day. Teach him to hunt and fish, and he will never go hungry again!

During the non-hunting seasons we offer social clubs, meetup groups, non-profits and scout troops a great opportunity to go camping and participate in a very cool wildlife photography hunt. We will arrange for you to camp on one of our hunting properties and organize your own hunting contest. The person with the picture of the biggest buck, tom or bull gets a prize. You would be surprised how much fun it is for kids to see wildlife up close. And all those pictures they take are a great way to promote hunting, fishing and camping in Texas. To get started, simply email Robert the organizer of this group.

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Texas Hunting Education

The purpose of the Texas Hunting Club is to educate and turn out a new generation of hunters. There are many people that want to outlaw guns, hunting and our old-fashioned way of life.

Too many kids these days spend all their time texting on cell phones, listening to iPODS or playing video games. We need to get these kids off the couch and into the woods with a gun in their hands and the thrill of hunting in their hearts.

Many parents hunted when they were kids, but the complex nature of finding a good hunting lease in Texas has discouraged people and parents from enjoying a lifetime of making memories by taking their children hunting on a quality Texas hunting lease.

We want to solve this problem by making it easy for parents to teach their kids to hunt. The same goes for women that want to try hunting. Most people in Texas hunt corn feeders, but there is more to hunting if you want to learn. We will teach you how to use a topographic map to map out areas where animals are most likely to be located.

We will show you how to use the topo map to find protected pastures with water nearby and a elevated hill with a nice bench where animals are most likely to bed down during the day. Next we will show you how to use Google earth to scout these areas from your home computer. You can use Google earth to Delorme topographic software to mark areas with GPS waypoints and then program them into your GPS unit. Then we'll head out into the woods and show you how to use the GPS to find the areas that looked good on the computer. For us, this is the funnest part of hunting. Scouting a piece of property before the season begins is a blast.

Abilene, Ballinger, Bangs, Brady, Brownwood, Brookesmith, Burkett, Coleman, Cross Plains, Doole, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gouldbusk, Lawn, Lohn, Melvin, Millersview, Mercury, Novice, Ovalo, Paint Rock, Richland Springs, Robert Lee, Rockwood, San Angelo, Santa Anna, Tuscola, Voss, Winters.

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