Beyond the Track


If you’ve never done a track day before, chances are that you have many questions in your mind: “Is it safe? Can I ride my own bike? How does it all work?”, to list only a few. If you have done one or two track days and got hooked, chances are that you also have many questions: “How do I get better? How can I ride faster and safer? How can I learn more while I’m not at the track?”. With people in any of those groups in mind, we’re putting together a different type of meet-up, where we get together in a training room type of environment and share videos, photos, and other helpful information; everything put together in order to help the fellow novice track riders. This meeting is NOT a replacement for what you will learn with Ridesmart. Quite the contrary: the idea is to enhance your experience, so you can get the most out of your track days, hearing from novice, intermediate and more experienced riders who are always willing to share their knowledge.

** Free parking available in front of the main entrance.

** Food and drinks will be provided. Big thanks to Improving for letting us use their training room and providing us food and drinks!