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Texas Sportbike Riders (TXSR)

Mission Statement:

TXSR is committed to safe and respectful riding at all levels of experience. Members must display a high level of character, and be willing to share their knowledge with less experienced riders who also have a passion for riding. Ride Your Own Ride!

Rider Code of Conduct:

Texas Sport Bike Riders is a network of Meet Up groups dedicated to provide a local community for serious performance riding enthusiasts and to share their passion with others and mentor (give back) to the community by passing along their skills to new riders. The basic Rider Code of Conduct for Texas Sportbike Riders is as follows:

1. Texas Sportbike Riders is organized by servant leaders who give their time and talent to provide safe rides, safe meet and greets, take time to plan and attend events, and mentor others to do the same.

2. “Pay it forward” principles demonstrated by the leadership and emulated by all members. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” means to help out your fellow riders as you would like them to help you in time of need.

3. Riders must understand and respect that Sportbike Riding safely takes time, training, and skill.

4. Performance (spirited) rides must be under control and not pose a threat to the general public.

5. Helping New Riders achieve their dream to ride by providing sound mentoring and frequent “New Rider” rides.

6. Safety Minded culture “AGATT – All Gear all the Time”; “Ride your own Ride”; “The Street is no place to Race”; “No Stunt Zone”

7. “Don’t be a fool, go to School” – Encourage Sportbike Members to gain new skills, sharpen existing skills, and push their limits at a Motorcycle School and not on the streets.

8. This Rider Code of Conduct cannot be changed, amended, or in any way modified except by a majority vote of the Leadership Team after initial publication.

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Track is Back !! Cresson June 6, 2020

Online event

316trackdays.com We have a track day scheduled for June 6, 2020 that still has room! Only 28 Riders Per Group, No Class, No Crowds, No Pressure 3 groups! How We Roll - this group is for people just getting into track who want to know what it's all about. Control riders will help you learn the very basics and you get to ride all day at your own pace. Experienced - this group is for trackday nuts who already have the bug and want to just ride. Advanced - this is for the faster folks, minimum pace of 1:35 at MSRC CCW if you don't understand that those abbreviations mean then it's not for you. Register at 316trackdays.com

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3:16 Trackdays Superbike Camp at MSR Cresson

Motorsport Ranch

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