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Haunted hill house sept 22 must send money to reserve place
Hi everyone! I can take the first four people able to get the $50 to the PayPal account at [masked], The event is set for September 22 in the times have been worked out so we can get in at a decent time in order to set up equipment. The new owners are requesting the money upfront so unfortunately I am having to ask for money to be sent now if you are planning on attending the event. You can contact me at[masked] for any questions. For those not able to get into the first event we will plan another one in the future however the first event will be during the Halloween season and should be a really good time to go so try planning on coming with us it should be a really good time!

Haunted Hill House

501 NE 1st Street · Mineral Wells, TX


What we're about

This group is for paranormal researchers and newcomers interested in the paranormal field. We had gotten the privledge recently meet and hang with several well known celebs in the paranormal field including Ghost Lab, Andy with GHost hunters, couple of the Deep South Paranormal Team, some of the Walking dead cast, Brian with THe haunted Collector and the Fact of Faked Guys, and hope to have many future events such as those, so serious people are needed for this group. Skilled experienced investigators will be present at events and will assist newcomers wanting to require new knowledge, solve mysteries , learn new equipment and assist people in need of help , experiencing paranormal to include spirits/ghost, alien /UFO sightings and other unknown paranormal sightings. Group members MUST have real and current face shots used in their profile to identify each member and to ensure safety among the group. No cell phones or tablets will be used during investigations to prevent contaminating evidence . However there will be areas for phone use as needed at the events. The upcoming events are meet and greets to attempt to establish a well knowledged and professional team for investigations. the subtitle of TIPS is "ALIENS, APPARITIONS and the UNKNOWN". Teams of qualified persons are needed for both areas of hauntings as well as UFO topic based places. T.I.P.S will be establishing teams in the future ,made up of the few members having the most dedication, willingness to learn, the best at being able to find out history and clues regarding needed areas and events, the best at figuring out things and best at figuring out people. We want members who are best in development of equipment along with best in debunking situations based on a scientific basis. WE DO NOT WANT over religious persons,attempting to change our research or discourage members from doing so. We do welcome demonologist and psychics to lead one team, researchers to lead another and we need and welcome persons with knowledge in Aliens, conspiracy theorist, knowledge in Native American folklore and history, Asian beliefs and practicies, etc. With that said..... I expect this team to become the most well known team throughout the U.S one day. Most of you guys appear to be the right kind of people that have alot to contribute to a group. So with that said, WELCOME to TIPS and I look forward to the day our teams are known throughout the U.S

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