What we're about

Our group is for folks looking to meet other Texas Expats to explore Colorado! If you have ever lived in Texas, went to school in Texas or just want to meet some of the most friendly and fun people you'll ever encounter....this group is for you!

We plan events that Texans are known to enjoy (but certainly are open to hearing new event ideas - just message Paula, the Organizer). The group is a place to make friends (whether you are new in town or a nearly-adopted Coloradan, and whether young or old). We like to gather and share stories of home while creating new friendships with people of common ground.

We celebrate Texas culture by seeking out the best BBQ and Tex-Mex that can be had here, clinking margarita glasses, scoping out CO breweries (don't tell Shiner Bock), watching the Cowboys or Texans, supporting Texas college teams, enjoying a Rocky Mountain hike, a rodeo or finding the perfect country, blues, or Tejano concert, or whatever the group wants to do to celebrate the offerings of these two amazing states. And of course, happy hours...LOTS OF HAPPY HOURS.

1. We can party but do so responsibly (drinking and being careful with each other's health - social distance, elbow bump, wear masks when appropriate).
2. Be respectful of others. After all, being a true Texan means being friendly and nice to one another. Mean people will be removed.
3. College rivalries (and everything else) should be all in good fun and never to the point of making someone uncomfortable. We believe in being inclusive - not exclusive.
4. Help new Texas Expats assimilate into the great state of Colorado. It can be rough moving, especially, if you've never lived anywhere but Texas. Leaving the Lone Star state for the first time can feel like moving to a foreign country (heck, everywhere else is a foreign country!). Hence, we're "Texas Expats." We, Texans, tend to find each other (it may be the "ya'lls" and "fixin to's" that give us away?) and stick together, and why not? We're FUN folks, so join now and let's get going!

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