• Blockchain Development with Tezos | Workshop with Cryptonomic

    Join us on Saturday, Feb. 22 for a Tezos workshop with Mike Radin of Cryptonomic. Dive into blockchain-based development in general and smart contract composition on Tezos specifically. Bring your laptop and curiosity. Food, drinks and coffee will be available. The workshop is scheduled to start at 11:00 but please arrive at 10:30 to get your environment ready (there will be assistance). Agenda: * High level introduction to Tezos * Cryptonomic Tools and Products * Get started with Tezos * Basic workflows * Using conseilJS for blockchain interaction * Using SmartPy for contract development * Tying it all together with a dApp The event is sponsored by the Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF) and Blockwatch Data. More Info & Workshop Materials: https://medium.com/the-cryptonomic-aperiodical/blockchain-development-with-tezos-698aa930e50f Learn about Tezos: https://learn.tqtezos.com Cryptonomic Web: https://cryptonomic.tech Cryptonomic Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptonomicTech Tezos Berlin Twitter: https://twitter.com/TezosBerlin Tezos Commons Foundation: https://tezoscommons.org Blockwatch Data: https://blockwatch.cc

  • Tezos On-Chain Governance

    Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

    We invite you to join the next Tezos Berlin Meetup on the topic of Tezos On-Chain Governance. There will be presentations and the opportunity for networking. The event is free to attend and sponsored by the Tezos Commons Foundation. Snacks and beverages available. If you want to learn more about Tezos' on-chain governance mechanism, have questions, and would like to get to know other community members and enthusiasts, please feel free to drop by. Whether you're completely new to Tezos or familiar with the project, all are welcome. Learn something new, meet people, and broaden your opportunities. Looking forward to seeing you! Timeframe: 19:00 Begin 19:15—20:15 Talks 20:15—21:45 Networking Speakers: * Alexander Eichhorn (tzstats) * Christopher Goes (Cryptium Labs) If you arrive at the Factory building, just head over to the reception and tell them that you're here for the Tezos Meetup. The room is on the 5th floor (Room name: Maybach). Follow the "Tezos Berlin" signs. See you there. Links: Tezos Main Website, https://tezos.com Tezos Foundation, https://tezos.foundation Tezos Commons Foundation, https://tezoscommons.org Tezos Berlin Twitter, https://twitter.com/TezosBerlin

  • Tezos Berlin 1 Year Network Celebration Meetup

    Come and join Tezos Berlin as we get together to celebrate. July 1st marked the one year anniversary of the Tezos network launch. It has been a global effort between many individuals and teams, highlighting Tezos' decentralized nature. There will be presentations, a video, and the opportunity for networking. This event is sponsored by the Tezos Commons Foundation and free to attend, including snacks and beverages. Whether you’re a member of the Tezos community or new to it, please feel free to swing by. Meet new people, expand your network, and broaden your opportunities. All are welcome. Looking forward to seeing you! Speakers: * Alexander Eichhorn and Team of TzStats * Christopher Goes of Cryptium Labs * Marco Stronati of Nomadic Labs To get in, just bell. The house has a sign that says "Full Node". The space is on the third floor. Someone will greet you at the reception. See you! Please note that the event is capped at 40 attendees here -- however, in case there is a waiting list, people will be accommodated as much as possible. Links: Tezos Project Main Website, https://tezos.com Tezos Foundation, https://tezos.foundation Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF), https://tezoscommons.org Tezos Berlin, https://twitter.com/tezosberlin Estimated Timeframe: 18:30 Begin 19:00—20:15 Talks, Video 20:30—21:30 Networking

  • Tezos on the Road: Baking Day

    Die Wiesenburg Berlin

    Join us for the last date of the Tezos "Baking-Day" tour in Berlin. In this one day workshop we'll offer firsthand practical experience to build and run your Tezos node and support the Tezos blockchain network. What is Tezos? what is baking? Find out more http://bit.do/eNm7X No specific tech/crypto skills are required, bring your laptop and you're all set! Contact info: [masked] Please register on eventbrite (space is limited): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tezos-on-the-road-tour-it-is-baking-day-tickets-60412460295?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing

  • Tezos Tech Intro for Developers

    Factory Berlin, Görlitzer Park Campus

    Event co-organized with LedgerZ.org. Pietro Abate from Nomadic Labs will present a technical introduction to Tezos. This meetup is for developers but everyone is welcome! Presentation will be starting at 6:30pm sharp as Pietro will have to leave shortly after the meetup ends. Original posting here: https://www.meetup.com/ledgerz/events/258414201/

  • Tezos Berlin Meetup

    Factory Berlin, Görlitzer Park Campus

    Welcome to Berlin's first Tezos meet-up! Whether you're new to Tezos and would like to learn more or already involved and would like to meet other community members, we'd love for you to attend. This meetup is for everyone: developers, bakers, investors, Tezos friends, and more. Room: Kiefholz 2.2 (on 2nd floor to the right of steps) Tell reception you're here for the Tezos meetup and they should let you in. If there are any issues ask for me (Claire Belmont from Celo). Agenda: - Introduction to Tezos - Tezos governance by @JacobArluck (coming from NYC) - How to integrate Trezor support to Tezos web & desktop apps by @jurajselep and @martin_pospech (coming from Prague) - Social time with drinks & snacks Tezos is a vibrant community, with startups from New York, cryptonomic.tech - Paris, ocryptounion.io - Zug, tezos.cryptium.ch - with various up and coming startups in Asia and UK. Additionally, there are numerous foundations working behind the scenes engaging with multiple research institutes, please read more here: tezos.com.