• Tezos; the Commons; One Year Later

    The Listing

    How would you sum up this past year? First amendent on-chain? Liquidity being open-sourced? Our new baker group in London? With so much going on, its sometimes good to get together to find out what has happened and what is going on. We mark the first year since Tezos went live next week, please join us! Food and beverages will be provided.

  • TEZOS on the ROAD tour, it's Baking Day!

    Small Beer Brew Co.

    Ever wanted to learn about setting up a home baker with Tezos? Tezos on the Road is a traveling workshop to teach you the basics needed to start baking on your own. No prior experience required! We'll cover the basics of Linux, the Tezos Network, and command line tools. Learn more here: tezosontheroad.com Register your space today: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tezos-on-the-road-tour-it-is-baking-day-registration-60400055191

  • Arthur Breitman / Richard Gendal Brown (CTO @ R3) - Public + Private Blockchains

    We are pleased to welcome Arthur Breitman and Richard Gendal Brown, both seasoned professionals and veterans working with blockchains, as they give lightning talks on the latest developments from their respective projects. This will be followed by a panel discussion highlighting the merits of public and private blockchains. Tezos is one of the most advanced blockchains to date, built from the ground up with on-chain governance and security at its foundation. Within the last year, the Tezos Foundation has reaffirmed their partnership with Inria, the French national research institution focusing on computer science and applied mathematics. The position paper was released in 2014. R3 conversely has one of the most advanced distributed ledgers (Corda) with a focus on enterprise solutions in financial services, healthcare, shipping and insurance. They recently secured a partnership with SBI, cryptocurrency heavy-weights based in Tokyo, Japan. Similarly, they were founded in 2014. We would also like to give thanks to our friends at Coinscrum for facilitating this event and organising the live-streaming and recordings. Food and drinks will also be provided.

  • BCS Isle of Man - Blockchain and Fintech Update

    The Claremont Hotel

    Our next event has an excellent set of speakers brought to you by BCS. It is also a good opportunity to learn about the recently opened Blockchain Office by the Isle of Man Government. The Isle of Man ranks highly in terms of local technological innovation, robust legislation and naturally, quality of life. You may also enquire about their new global regulatory sandbox and programs for access to government funding and commercial seed funding. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYNOPSIS 1730 Registration Opens 1800 Keynote introducing the Blockchain Office by the Isle of Man Government Graeme Jones, Director, BCS, Chartered Institute for IT, Isle of Man 1805 Why Blockchains are eating the world; the Tezos approach Simon Barducci, IEEE UK and Ireland Blockchain Group, Tezos 1820 Governance and Consensus in Bitcoin and Tezos (POW vs POS) Dr Steve Berryman, Mosaic Financial Markets # # # # # 5 minute break # # # # # 1850 Panel with public Q&A joined from the audience by crypto veterans, Eoin Carroll (Dapps, Steem block producer and stakeholder), and Robert Olsen (pool that mined the first block on the Ethereum blockchain). 1930 Networking and private Q&A 2000 Event closes All are welcome to this free event. To find out more about BCS Isle of Man, please click here - https://www.bcs.org/category/19249 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event, please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.

  • Tezos UK with Stake Capital

    The Listing

    Hopefully everyone is enjoying London Blockchain Week. To celebrate we will be hosting our February meetup with Stake Capital: www.stake.capital - which just launched today! They provide highly available and secure blockchain validation services whereby you can earn 5% - 100% interest on your crypto. Come meet the founder and join us for a bit of food before we head out to the numerous parties being hosted around the City.


    Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

    Please join us at the Law Faculty in University of Oxford for a panel discussion with our moderator Magdalena Golibiewska, the Country Manager of Luno. Panel: Simon Barducci, Tezos; Jaasir Ali, CEO at BrandBlock; Andrey Brozhko, Director of Product Management at R3; Questions: 1) What lessons can be learned from 2018? 2) What trends regarding blockchain applications might we see (and not see) in 2019? 3) What types of businesses are more likely to apply blockchain and smart contracts in future? 4) Do you think that the public at large will have access to blockchain technology in the near future (e.g. by using the blockchain in B-to-C relationships)? After the discussion, the audience is invited to ask the panel questions followed by networking. There will be another panel discussion to follow with companies utilizing blockchains answering questions such as how blockchains and smart contracts differentiate their businesses and what makes them competitive. Hope you can join us!

  • Tezos UK with Simple Staking

    The Trading House

    2019 is here and a busy year it shall be. We have an excellent line up in the months ahead as Tezos UK forges new relationships with different Tezos entities from around the globe. We will also be making this particular meetup a bit more social so we can chat between ourselves. Aside from the large number of members on the waiting list, we have limits set by the venues we use so we have chosen something more flexible this time. Feedback from our last event was positive however the time limitations set, again by the venue, prevented longer deeper conversations. We are working on a solution to this and hope to have more news next month. That does not mean though you can't get your teeth into something. We have Simple Staking visiting and he will be demonstrating what he has been working on over the holiday period. I was fortunate to meet up with his team in December and they have grand plans ahead. Don't miss this opportunity to talk to him!

  • Tezos UK presents Cryptium Labs - Tezos Foundation Grantee

    Greetings everyone, it has indeed been an eventful couple of weeks with the sentiment being taken out on the markets as we speak. There was of course the BCH fork and demonstrations of POW not being as secure as thought before. In these moments, it allows us to reflect on why Tezos is important. Not just because of its POS mechanisms, but its focus on the community that help bring technologies to the chain that could eventually make markets operate without intermediaries. With that, I’m happy to introduce Christopher Goes, co-founder of Cryptium Labs, https://tezos.foundation/spotlight/cryptium-labs a grantee of the Tezos Foundation. He spends his time researching cryptoeconomic game theory, decentralized exchange protocols, smart contract language design and dependent type systems. He is also a researcher and developer in the Cosmos project. Don’t miss this chance to ask him questions about any of these topics or life in Zug!

  • Tezos UK introducing TEZBAKER.IO

    WeWork 9 Devonshire Square

    Thank you to everyone joining last time and your feedback, your participation is appreciated! We are proud to invite Tezbaker.io (baking since cycle 8) who will be explaining the baking process. Tezos UK will also begin a series of lightning talks to explain different concepts behind blockchains and why they are such a game-changer. There will be a weekly focus with a common theme so newbies and members in the space can build upon what they know. This week you will learn about different approaches to proof-of-stake and what it means to mining. If you are interested in presenting a project, get in touch with us here: [masked]

  • Tezos UK kick-off event

    WeWork 9 Devonshire Square

    Tezos in Asia has seen tremendous momentum over the last few months but this is only the beginning. The UK community is seeking business professionals, developers and potential project ambassadors to help educate enterprises, legislators and startups in blockchain use cases and the value of the Tezos platform. In Japan, we have received Arthur Breitman on two different occasions, the first taking a deep dive into exploring governance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yijuk2hHJJM - and during the second, we were joined by Kathleen Breitman and community leads in Singapore and Korea listening to their progress and visions. Tezos is a vibrant community, with startups from New York, https://cryptonomic.tech/ - Paris, https://ocryptounion.io/ - Zug, https://cryptium.ch/ - with various up and coming startups in Asia and UK. Not to mention the numerous foundations working behind the scenes engaging with multiple research institutes, please read more here: https://tezos.foundation/