What we're about

The name of this group stems from the omniscient argument - that if there is a god and that god is all knowing, and that everything we think, all the synapses in the brains of billions of people as well as the estimated 8 million intelligent life forms in the universe and every subatomic particle is known where to exist in the mind of god. Therefore we can conclude that since god knows, from the beginning of time where all of us would be, both physically and mentally, that god has forced us into whatever we are now - that he/she would have known that we were going to be atheists. At least that's the short version!

Although we expect most non-believers will be joining this group, believers of all types are welcome to just have fun with us.

So what will this group be doing? We'll plan fun events such as getting together for happy hour, walks in downtown Orange, catch a movie, see a play, give back to our community, camping, picnic, hike, explore museums and so-on. We welcome you to share your ideas.

We'll probably be co-posting several events from our parent group, Backyard Skeptics. https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics which if you haven't join, please do for they also host events involving lectures and debates.

Come and join us for interesting conversation and to meet like-minded people while having fun.

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BYS Weekly Zoom meeting

Online event

Atheist Movie Night - "First Cow"

University Town Center

Atheist Dinner - Kings Fish House (Laguna Hills)

King's Fish House

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