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The name of this group stems from the omniscient argument - that if there is a god and that god is all knowing, and that everything we think, all the synapses in the brains of billions of people as well as the estimated 8 million intelligent life forms in the universe and every subatomic particle is known where to exist in the mind of god. Therefore we can conclude that since god knows, from the beginning of time where all of us would be, both physically and mentally, that god has forced us into whatever we are now - that he/she would have known that we were going to be atheists. At least that's the short version!

Although we expect most non-believers will be joining this group, believers of all types are welcome to just have fun with us.

So what will this group be doing? We'll plan fun events such as getting together for happy hour, walks in downtown Orange, catch a movie, see a play, give back to our community, camping, picnic, hike, explore museums and so-on. We welcome you to share your ideas.

We'll probably be co-posting several events from our parent group, Backyard Skeptics. https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics which if you haven't join, please do for they also host events involving lectures and debates.

Come and join us for interesting conversation and to meet like-minded people while having fun.

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Movie- The Reflecting Skin

The Frida Cinema

The primary post for this event is at https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics/events/259764745/. Please sign up there. Movie with optional dinner.- see bottom. The movie: An instant sensation when it premiered to sold out screenings at Cannes in 1990, writer/director Philip Ridley’s haunting feature debut The Reflecting Skin is a darkly humorous, nightmarish vision of the American dream that went on to achieve cult status as an international VHS oddity. Now, thanks to the good folks at Film Movement, The Reflecting Skin returns to art house cinemas in a gorgeous new restoration! Parking available behind the theater; sometimes it's free. Meet at the theater entrance at 7:15pm. Try to get your ticket earlier. Dinner: Meet at the 4th St Market (201 East 4th St, use same parking) at 6:15pm; We'll sit inside at the tables across from Dos Chinos.

Secular Day of the Dead

Needs a location

“Contrary to the name, the Day of the Dead event is actually a celebration of Life,” said Victoria de laTorre, one of several organizers of the Secular Day of the Dead event. She is also a member of The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego. Margaret Downey, another Secular Day of the Dead organizer and president of the Freethought Society said, “Nontheist Hispanics view the Day of the Dead as a perfect way to remember the legacy of deceased loved onein a way that does not require prayer, church, or any religious dogma. To nontheists, our legacies are our afterlife."“More and more people are abandoning theirreligious upbringing, but still want to celebrate the beauty of their Hispanic culture,” de la Torre added. “This is why a Secular Day of the Dead was created. Many nontheist Hispanics want to continue traditions and cultural rituals, but in a secular way.” Traditionally, the Day of the Dead celebration takes place on October 31, November 1, and November 2 in connection with the triduum of Hallowtide, which include All Hallows’ Eve, Hallowmas, and All Souls’ DayThe importance of a Day of the Dead holiday arises from the secular confrontation of death. As atheists, we know that we only have this one life to live. Although we do not believe in an afterlife, it is importance to stress the fact that when we die, all that will be left is our legacy. In that sense, I suppose that we do in fact 'live on”. We live on through the relationships that we form, the books that we write, and the legacies we leave behind for others to pick up. Day of the Dead provides a platform for a secular celebration of life. We can come together as a community and reverse the stigma that incorrectly regards non theists as unwilling view life with the importance it does in fact carry. We are thus not abandoning this tradition, but lifting it up to a greater status. This traditional holiday for Latinos carries an emotional connection to our loved ones. For centuries, it has gone hand-in-hand with the supernatural, but it doesn’t have to. Location will be announced before June 1, 2019.

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