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The 1% Club is an exclusive membership club for successful, ambitious, cultured, well-read, curious, purpose-driven, intelligent, proactive, passionate, and well-traveled men and women interested in meeting like-minded people to have intellectually stimulating conversations - and some fun too.

This may lead to new business opportunities, however this is not a 'networking' waste your time group to try to sell services to each other. The format is getting together with a select group to exchange interesting and stimulating ideas in nice settings, no agenda but we may somedays have guest speakers on a subject of interest in self-development, business, entrepreneurship, investing, innovation, - or whatever you; the club members, may be interested on. Additionally, hopefully also we can develop meaning friendships. If you truly have got what it takes to be a part of the top 1% of society; come join The 1% Club!!

I created this group because:
In spite of living in the 'Mecca of innovation' I frankly keep meeting very uninteresting people who waste my time trying to talk about the sports team of the week, or the latest stupid comment of the president in the news, or bla, bla, bla useless waste of time. I want to meet people who are MORE INTERESTING, SUCCESSFUL & DRIVEN than me, people who are flowing, growing, creating, driving change, discussing new ideas, not waiting for the evening to do nothing and be average.

BTW: I define success as EVERYTHING not just money, and yes money is a key component of success - and I do earn my unfair share too, but I am talking about having ALSO DRIVE, CULTURE, & UNIQUE QUALITIES or HOBBIES - someone may be sitting on a billion dollars inherited from his parents and be a totally unsuccessful person, if you are interested in meeting people who are inspired and in growth more - come join the 1% Club!

cheers, - Pavel

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