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What we’re about

This is a Brussels chapter of an international, 1200+ member community centered on data-driven marketing. 


Apart from Brussels, our community is also based in Prague, Vilnius, Warsaw, and Berlin. For example, Berlin community has ~850 members, 1.5 years history, 6 past meetups, 4.9/5 average meetup grade. It’s also one of the top 3 marketing meetups in Berlin. 

Join us.


By joining us, you get to learn the latest techniques and advances in data-driven marketing, often applied at the hottest startups or established companies in Europe. 


Marketing managers and company owners will get the most out of this meetup. 

We’ll help you and your company become more data-driven so that you back up your next marketing moves with data-based insights.

Or, more technically, we define data-driven marketing as a proactive use of data aimed at improving predefined marketing metrics.


- Lectures

- Seminars

- Workshops

- Panels

Important: we only share what we’ve done ourselves. No theorising or make pretending. 


- Analytics and predictive analytics

- Data unification and warehousing

- Campaign optimisation and measurement, including leadgen campaigns 

- Automations

- Reporting

- Statistical modelling for marketing 


This meetup is brought to you by Datomni (

Datomni provides data-driven growth for the actual or becoming category leaders across SMB and startup segments.

Sample clients:

- Mustache - leading indie fashion e-commerce (with VC funding)

- Time for Wax - leading beauty brand (VC)

- Elab - leading abroad education platform in Poland (VC)

- MEDtube - leading medical education platform (VC)

- Optimal Schedule - leading employee planning SaaS (VC)

Sample client results (based on 1 year long time series): 

- 1787% growth in the number of leads, while reducing CAC and increasing LVR (lead velocity rate)

- 301% growth in the traffic volume, including 288% more organic traffic (resulting from drastic growth in the average position as well as 200% increase in organic CTRs) 

- 230% growth in long-term conversion rate

More details about results upon private and justified inquiry. 

Sample testimonials:

- “They deliver” (Karo, co-founder, Grafik Optymalny)

- “The results look fabolous” (Tobias, co-founder, Enerkeep)


We want to unlock more innovation and bold creativity and original thinking in the world by helping ambitious and fast-growing companies to get noticed. 

Join us.