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What we’re about

This is a Berlin chapter of an international, 2000+ member community centered on data-driven marketing.
Join this group to get better at measuring and optimizing marketing in your company using data. 
This community, with ~850 members, 1.5 years history, 6 past meetups, 4.9/5 average meetup grade, is the largest and most engaged of all chapters of the 10X data-driven marketing community. 
By joining us, you get to learn the latest techniques and advances in data-driven marketing, often applied at the hottest startups or established companies in Europe. 
Marketing managers and company owners will get the most out of this meetup. 
We'll help you and your company become more data-driven so that you back up your next marketing moves with data-based insights.
More technically, we define data-driven marketing as a proactive use of data aimed at improving predefined marketing metrics.
- Lectures
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Panels
Important: we only share what we’ve done ourselves. No theorising or make-pretending. 
- Analytics and predictive analytics
- Data unification and warehousing
- Campaign optimisation and measurement, including leadgen campaigns 
- Automations
- Reporting
- Statistical modelling
This meetup is brought to you by Datomni (
We leverage the power of data in motion, expertise in MarTech and proficiency in omnichannel campaign execution to build profitable marketing growth engines. A well-functioning growth engine delivers customers like clockwork, depicted below as a screenshot from our client's Mailchimp account.
We solve the growth equation by creating a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure, orchestrating a MarTech stack on top of it, and communicating with the customers in a personal way across all channels and journey stages, online and offline. We specialize in and occasionally partner with the best-in-class data and martech technologies, such as Pipedrive, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign, Segment, SendInBlue, Tealium, and others to enable faster growth. Our strong tech expertise spans data science, analytics, and software development, and our team members have experience in companies such as Aviva, RTB House, Sumo Logic, Leroy Merlin, and others. We're good at the tech side of marketing, but crafting customer experiences that help companies scale is what we love. We're one of the Clutch Top 100 IT Companies in Poland.