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Welcome to the 50 + 50 Sessions hosted by Valtech.

"After creating a group within our internal communications tool, Slack, we found a virtual environment gave us the opportunity to share articles and other sources of information about diversity in the labour market and the issues facing us". Roxana Brongo, Valtech, Montreal and founder of the 50 + 50 initiative.

We found we wanted to go further than just reading and sharing articles about these issues; we wanted to create a discussion, an exchange of ideas and share challenges in a more intimate way. Hence, we had the idea of ​​creating a group that would meet regularly. We called it 50 + 50. Often, through group discussion we get the best insights and build the best networks to result in real change. We've already held some great sessions internally but now it's time to branch out.

We want to open the Valtech 50 + 50 movement to women from all professions, at all experience levels and with all interests and ideas. This should be a forum to discuss key topics, build relationships, and to work together to make the future brighter for all of us.

Here are our simple values:

1. Support gender equality through inclusive and positive actions

2. Enrich women's lives by providing a positive space to discuss, to get inspired and to develop tools to overcome their personal professional challenges

We are really looking forward to meeting ALL of you.

Speak soon,


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