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The 529 Club is a monthly informal networking club run for and by industry practitioners based at Pinewood Studios established in December 2009. Although the 529 Club started as a good excuse to meet the neighbours, it soon became an ideal platform that allowed everyone the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and best practices. With an eclectic mix of interesting and lively Pinewood-based regulars, it wasn't long before the 529 Club members were identifying possible areas for collaboration.

Thankfully, there's good news on the horizon for Independent Producers with most UK indies registering decent growth over the last year, with the turnover of the top 100 indies in the "Production 100" rising 11.8% to £2.17bn and the prizes are now even bigger than ever for many independent producers thanks to the rise of global SVoD commissioners like Netflix and Amazon.

Over the years we've seen that most Indie's know where they want to go... but don't always have the best roadmap or the right finance options to help them get there, so the 529 Club thought they would put together "Summit useful..." for indie productions.

Over the years we've seen that most Indie's know where they want to go... but don't always have the best roadmap or the right finance options to help them get there, so the 529 Club thought they would put together "Summit useful..." for Independent Producers to bring together the best in the industry together in one room.

14:00 Welcome guests with tea/coffee and biscuits
14:15 First set of speakers
15:30 Coffee break
15:45 Second set of keynote speakers
17:30-22:00 Networking via the 529 club - with cash bar, BBQ* and Live music.
*Tickets for BBQ food must be ordered in advance so they know how many people they need to cater for.

Welcome message: Webra Debra will do an overview of the day and introduce each guest

Pinewood Studios: Not just for the big budget features, the Pinewood team will discuss the facilities and services they can offer the independent film community. With facilities, expertise and services to deliver the flexible end to end support indie filmmakers require to help bring their stories to life.

Producers Guild of GB: The Production Guild of Great Britain ensures its members stay at the centre of film and TV drama production. The chair of PGGB, Alison Small, will talk about the benefits of membership for Independent Producers.

Kingston Smith:

In an industry where investment is not always easy to come by, tax incentives and reliefs are of critical importance to get your business off the ground and to reap the benefits later down the line. The structuring of a business from the outset is fundamental in ensuring that investors get the most from the tax reliefs available.

At this session, Kingston Smith tax partners Mike Hayes and Val Cazalet will explore the various tax incentives available both to the individual production company and individual investors.

The focus will include: Film & TV tax credits – SEIS and EIS – Structuring and finance


Wanderlust Pictures: Getting your project investment ready

It can seem like a daunting prospect getting your project off the ground, Enfys Dickenson - an award-winning producer will explain the process and best practice with a top line guide to the key steps you need to take to package up your project and get it investment ready.
The Festival Doctor: The Importance of Film Distribution & Why You Need a Strategy.

Do you want to get your film into Festivals? Are you looking for a sales agent? Is press coverage of your film important to you? Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, CEO and Founder of The Film Festival Doctor offers a brief overview answering all of the above questions and discusses why all filmmakers should include a film festival & distribution strategy within their films planning phases.

Samsung UK: Future Technology- Audience Experience: What technology advances can we expect in the near future. How will audiences interact with the “screen"? These and other insights will be explored. Presented by Samsung UK

AAI Global Solutions, Blockchain Developers, Star Core Consulting: Blockchain in the film industry.

How to raise funds in this new sector from the world's leading blockchain developer. Max Garza III who will fly in from the US to talk about how Blockchain Technology is revolutionising film production/finance after raising $800 million for films in America and discuss how the blockchain is affecting the film industry worldwide.

Closing message: Webra Debra will wrap up the day and explain about the 529 club Networking event.

529 Club Networking: Participants from the event are invited to stay and network at the 529 Club BBQ (tickets for BBQ food can be pre-ordered via Eventbrite).


Pinewood Studios is a working studio and all visitors must adhere to strict security regulations and confidentiality for the productions on site. There is NO ACCESS, NO TOURS & NO PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE LOT and guests are only allowed in the set event areas (Ballroom, Cub House Bar and terrace) Guests are allowed to take photographs of themselves and other guests at the event ONLY.

All guests will have their name sent to reception for them to sign in when they arrive and they will need to bring photo ID with them.

Please register using the following link :- https://bit.ly/2BscFHQ

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