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There are times and situations where you might not feel safe talking about your Liberal/Progressive views in public. Whatever the reason might be, here is a group where you don’t have to watch what you say. You can be yourself.

This is a group for political Liberals and Progressives (meaning left of moderate Democrat) aged 55 or over who meet in small groups, share a meal and conversation freely, and know that everyone there has your back. For a few hours you’ll be free to talk about anything you want - even politics - without mincing words.

The organizers of this Meetup ran a similar group in Denver for several years, and learned how to create a safe environment for its members. That experience lead to some special options. For example, you must use your first name when you sign up, but need not use your last name or a picture of yourself if you want to maintain anonymity. In addition, only those in the group can see when and where we’re gathering so nobody can interrupt our good times.

We don't believe in long banquet tables and loud rooms. We'll have separate checks.

One more thing: If you are interested in joining our fun group, you'll need to read and agree to our group's guidelines, which we call "Our Party Platform."

Our Party Platform
The Fun 55+ Liberal Conversation and Dining Group is a fun and friendly dining group intended for political Liberals and Progressives 55 years of age and older. The purpose of this Meetup group is to join with others of like mind and age over a meal, have non-threatening conversations, and enjoy one another’s company. If you fit this category and this sounds fun to you, you are welcome to join us.

However, we are protective of the people who join. To ensure that this is a safe place for people to gather and share their common interests, we are establishing some guidelines for inclusion into the group.

* If you don't know if you are a political Progressive/Liberal, or aren’t willing to proclaim that you are, don't join. The “Progressive/Liberal” label in this context specifically does not include Libertarian, Independent, or blue dog Democrat classifications. Also, if you qualify your ideology with phrases like “socially liberal, fiscally conservative,” this is not the group for you.

* You will be blocked if you attempt to promote your own personal agenda, use this forum to promote your business or causes, or use it as a dating site.

* We have found that a number of people confuse the term Liberal in the political sense with being liberal sexually. This is not a site for polyamory, etc.

* If you're intent on arguing contrary political views, don't join. Here's a clue: If you plan on bringing fact-checked material or promo material, you're in the wrong place.

* Leave your weapons at home. Yes, we know it's a free country, but do it anyway. If that's an issue for you, don't join the group.

* If you speak in racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or any other biased terms, either blatantly or through the use of “dog whistles,” you will be walked to the door and banned from the group.

* Because we vet people before we include them into our group, we do not allow you to bring guests at our Meetup events. The reason is simple: We want everyone to be on an equal footing. Unfortunately, we have found in the past that a member who brings a guest does not ensure that the guest is Liberal/Progressive, nor has agreed to leave weapons at home. The process to join our group is easy. If your partner or friends are interested in an event, please ask them to join our Meetup group. Then once they attend, if they find that we don’t speak to their condition, they can drop without comment.

* We have a no-show policy to be considerate to each other and polite to any restaurant we visit -- three no-shows and you will be removed from the group. Please keep your RSVP up to date so if you have to drop out of an event, others on a wait list have the opportunity to take your place. Be aware that if you RSVP for 2 people (both people are in the group, remember), Meetup’s robot fills any wait list vacancies with the next single person before selecting multiple person attendees. We wish it weren’t this way, but it’s their system.

* We want our time together to have plenty of conversation and an authentic connection. We don’t sit in banquet style or have large groups of people. We may have a meetup with just 6 people, or up to 10, but very rarely will we schedule time together with more than that. When people sit at long tables, the volume increases and we can only hear the person next to us. We try to schedule a number of meetings in varied locations so everyone has a chance to be heard, but if you want a large group with many people, you’ll probably not be happy here.

By requesting to join this group, we understand that you have read and agreed with these guidelines. With this out of the way, we are looking forward to meeting you and sharing laughs and stories in The Fun 55+ Liberal Conversation and Dining Group.

Catherine – Organizer (the buck stops here)
John F – Co-Organizer (and here)

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