What we're about

Welcome to The 56 Board Game Group!
We are:
• A tabletop board gaming group.
• A geographically-based group, convenient to the Route 56 corridor in San Diego.
• An open, inclusive, and welcoming group.

This group hosts board game events convenient to the 56 corridor in San Diego (meaning - within a few miles off the 56 highway). If you love to play board games or are interested in learning, this group is for you. We will always have plenty of games available, but you are also welcome to bring your own. The most important thing in this group is to be friendly and inclusive, and have fun!


• Why is it called The 56 Board Game Group? "The 56" refers to the 56 highway on the North side of San Diego. Events in this group take place at locations that are easily accessed from the 56.

• The board game shop, "At Ease Games" isn't really off the 56. Why do you host games there? Good point! At Ease Games is the closest game shop to the 56 corridor, so it is our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store). We want to support board game stores in the community, so we tried adding events there and they have been popular, so we are keeping them! Please consider supporting At Ease through food or game purchases while you are there.

• I'm new to board gaming and a little nervous about coming out. Will there be anyone to teach me games? Absolutely! We have a lot of people that are new to gaming and there are sooo many new games that even those of us that are seasoned gamers are regularly learning new games. All of our Event Organizers are passionate about teaching games. We also do our best to help people get matched up with other players at the open gaming events.

• I like board games, but a lot of the ones I see as events here are really heavy, complex games. I'm into shorter games that are easy to pick up. Is this group for me? Yes, it is! Part of the reason we host complex games as individual events is to get together the folks that want to play those games, specifically. If you come to one of our open board gaming events (at the Rancho Peñasquitos Library, BT's BBQ, etc.) there will be a variety of types of games available to play and attendees with a variety of game interests.

• Are children allowed at these events? We have a variety of different types of events. The "Everyone Plays at the Library" takes place at the Rancho Peñasquitos Branch Library. The library events are open to and geared towards any age - including young children (there are even games good for 3 year olds). All other events (unless otherwise specified) are not geared towards children; however, there is no specific age restriction - it's more about the type of games being played. For example: if your 7 year old can take on the adults in a game of Carcassonne or Azul and wants to join us, your 7 year old is welcome. If your 7 year old wants to play Chutes and Ladders or Trouble, the Library events are a better choice. Still not sure? Feel free to send a message and ask!

Upcoming events (5+)

Shelf of Shame Night: Bruxelles 1893

At Ease @ Barrel Harbor

For this event, we will be playing Bruxelles 1893 (Olga will bring her copy). We will most likely be meeting on the At Ease side of the establishment.

Party Friday

At Ease @ Barrel Harbor


Hey guys, This will be a weekly board gaming event where we focus on playing party games. Some games include Concept, Coup, Startups, Monikers, Yeah Nope, Avalon, The Resistance, Captain Sonar and many more. This will be an open game night, I will bring some games to choose from and depending on what everyone likes is what we will play. We will be playing at At Ease Gaming in Miramar. We normally play on the big tables in the back. If I don't get 6 people together from this meetup event and other contacts, we will not meet. I will try to give some notice ahead of time. Please try not to cancel in the last 3hrs before the event.

Strategy Monday - Grand Austria Hotel

At Ease @ Barrel Harbor


Hey guys, This will be a weekly board gaming event where we focus on playing strategy games. Some games include Scythe, Terramystica, Orleans, Caverna and many more. This week, we will be playing Grand Austria Hotel. If you don't know how to play, watch this video for and intro to Grand Austria Hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sq0SG32soA If you need more explanation we will do it before the game starts on the day. We will be playing at At Ease Gaming in Miramar. We normally play on the tables in the back. This time we will probably be playing on the small tables in the store. If you have a copy of Grand Austria Hotel and you would like to bring it, please comment below so I can open more spots for people to sign up. Please don't cancel within the last 3 hrs of the event.


At Ease @ Barrel Harbor


Wingspan is the newest release from Stonemaier Games, from designer Elizabeth Hargrave. It is a medium-weight game that takes just over an hour to play at the full player count, so we will play Wingspan as well as some other, shorter games (or a second game of Wingspan!) to get in our fix for the evening. Please allow about 10-15 minutes for a review of the rules, and/or check out one of the videos on BGG for more information. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/266192/wingspan

Past events (188)

Strategy Monday - Lisboa

At Ease @ Barrel Harbor


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