Strategy Monday - Altiplano


Hey guys,

This will be a weekly board gaming event where we focus on playing strategy games. Some games include Scythe, Terramystica, Orleans, Caverna and many more. This week, we will be playing Altiplano. If you don't know how to play, watch this video for an introduction:
If you need more explanation we will do it before the game starts on the day.

We will be playing at At Ease Gaming in Miramar. We normally play on the tables in the back. This time we will probably be playing on the small tables in the store. If you have a copy of Altiplano and you would like to bring it, please comment below so I can open more spots for people to sign up.

Please don't cancel within the last 3 hrs of the event.

We will be playing with the expansion The Traveler. Please let me know if you will have the expansion by the time the event comes around. Here is an explanation for the expansion: