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Learn how to develop your intuitive powers with the radionic pendulum at this afternoon workshop.

The ability to dowse is inherent within all of us – it is not a gift reserved for the few! Since time immemorial people have used simple tools such as the pendulum and dowsing rods to give physical manifestation to intuitive promptings, and the ability is as relevant today as when it was discovered.

Dowsing has been used commercially to dispense with expensive and time-consuming physical investigations, and you can use it too in many different ways for your own benefit and to help others.

In this workshop you will learn how to make the radionic pendulum work for you, and then use it in a variety of ways related to health and healing. You will learn to:

* Choose vitamin and mineral supplements

* Find out what food suits you best

* Tap your intuitive and psychic powers

* Use it as a diagnostic aid for complementary therapies – and much more.

The pendulum is so simple, yet so versatile. Come to this workshop and open a new world of discovery.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADERS - Christopher & Valerie Perry

Christopher & Valerie Perry have used the radionic pendulum for many years in the fields of health and healing, especially through the local Fulham Health Food Shop. They combine use of the pendulum with a balanced understanding of the principles that underlie it.

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