Transforming Businesses Intelligently


The session will consist of a presentation and an interactive masterclass provided by Prof. Agnis Stibe.

Anyone currently or thinking about:
- Managing people
- Managing processes that involve/depend on people
- Designing tech (user experience, human-computer interaction)
- Doing marketing (social media, consumer behaviour, online activities)
- Responsible for strategic change management
And just about anyone else interested in this topic

Prof. Agnis Stibe is an experienced TEDx speaker and the founder of the Theory of Transforming Wellbeing (TTW).
At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Media Lab), he established research on Persuasive Cities that encourage healthy and sustainable living. At ESLSCA Business School Paris, he advances Transforming Socio-tech Design (TSD) that leverages socio-psychological theories to design sustainable transformations of our societies towards wellbeing. He has worked for Fortune 100 companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. He has received awards from Nokia Foundation (Finland) and the renowned MIT Media Lab (USA). He holds a masters degree in computer science (University of Latvia), an MBA (RTU Riga Business School, Latvia), a PhD (University of Oulu, Finland), and a postdoctoral training from the renowned MIT Media Lab (USA).
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Transforming Businesses Intelligently: Secrets of Human Behaviour and Attitude Change
Strategically, we all constantly want to improve our businesses and their performances in so many ways. But do we really know the key drivers behind successful business transformations? Are we aware of the role of human behaviour and attitude in determining the chances of achieving permanent change for good?
This thought-provoking talk will expand on beliefs about ways of how emerging technologies can transform businesses and societies today. This talk blends science and practice to help gain a richer understanding of how transformation works, what its essential components are, how to design and apply influential strategies, what novel technologies - artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced sensing - are effective at facilitating change processes, and what to do first thing each morning. This knowledge is applicable in multiple domains, including but not limited to business, governance, health, sustainability, education, safety, security, equality, economy.

How to Succeed in Transforming Lives and Businesses?
Have you ever tried to change something in yourself or others? How many times you have had a New Year’s resolution that succeeds? Most of us strive to improve. However, we rarely get to celebrate victories in really transforming our habits, behaviours, and thoughts, thus changing our lives and businesses for good. The masterclass will provide a sharper understanding on how the Theory of Transforming Wellbeing empowers us to innovate in ways that will not only make our envisioned changes but also make those changes last. Most of us already want change for better. What we often miss is the knowledge of how to make such transformations succeed and stick. This masterclass will help you develop and internalise the necessary competencies. Come and bring any of your real-life cases to the masterclass, so we can start transforming them right there.

Thursday 20th of September - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with registration and networking from 5:30 pm.

Red Hat office, Level 35, 100 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Thanks to the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs for sponsoring this event.
** Food and drinks will be provided.

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