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This is a space to empower agile ideas. We want to create agile organizations. We want to unleash people's creative talent to generate long lasting solutions through agile. We know that agile is not just an idea, is a mindset, a life style, and an opportunity.
This space should be joined by those that want to lead agile. Hence, we won't have "events", we will have gatherings to improve our knowledge, lead agile, and create an agile community. Come. Be an agile catalyst by me.

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Innovation Coaching Community Bootcamp 💡🦋

Online event

COVID-19 hit our organisations and accelerated the need for organisations to innovate... but... innovate what? why? and how?
At Growth Vikings we stubbornly continue to democratise the access to knowledge that enhances agility, especially community-driven knowledge. We invite you to a series of community workshops aimed at:

1. Overviewing innovation frameworks & their relationship with agility
2. Overviewing approaches for delivery of innovation
3. Overviewing innovation challenges
4. Thinking, and designing your framework to coach your innovations

We seek to build confidence through knowledge and capability building. We also seek for you to develop meaningful connections and rip all the benefits community learning can bring!🔥

The link to each session will be posted the day before. We will be using Mural for the workshop exercises.

What do we ask from you? Please share your thoughts and feedback in the survey we will provide at the end of the sessions! Thank you! ❤️🌱👋

See you!

Previous session resources:

Presentation: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEfNLTWzqY/aVpPtjvACp6u1wrzvZ26dg/view?utm_content=DAEfNLTWzqY&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton

Mural with Iterations: https://app.mural.co/t/facilitations6748/m/facilitations6748/1621687012732/64f41d26a05d57d4a3464de644f68f316cbaccab?sender=solutions0861

Unlocking Your Team Creativity

Online event

Creativity is an increasingly valuable skill—it’s even been named the most in-demand quality in the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report. But creativity isn’t a talent belonging only to artists, musicians, and designers. With the right tools and an open mind, your team members can explore their creative talents.

In this session, discover insider techniques for unleashing creativity from yourself and your teams. Let's shake up your routine and mindset, apply innovative approaches to common work challenges, and use creative thinking to identify growth opportunities for your team and your business.

Using these techniques, you can increase your team’s agility under pressure or even spark your next disruptive idea.

Be ready for hands-on Mural exercises with extraordinary community members!

Looking forward to seeing you!🔥🎉🙌🧪

Workshop Skills Focus:
Team Motivation Creativity Skills Team Leadership

💸 Monetising Innovation

Online event

Companies obsess over being creative and innovative, spend significant time and money in designing and building products. Yet many struggle to monetize the innovations: 72% of innovations fail to meet their financial targets—or fail entirely.

Improving the odds that our innovation will succeed is just a matter of removing the guesswork. That happens when you put customer demand and willingness to pay in the driver seat—when you design the product around the price.

Let's explore approaches to monetisation in a dynamic community workshop that seeks to keep building your agile and innovation confidence.

Looking forward to seeing you Agile Lead and having fun as a community of professionals!

🌷Cultivating Your Innovation Skills

Online event

Develop innovation capabilities anywhere, anytime, with anyone. We will overview how you can strengthen your:

1. Questioning skills
2. Observing skills
3. Networking skills
4. Experimenting skills
5. Associating skills

Get ready for community exercises and also to learn from your community members!

Looking forward to seeing you Agile Leads!🔥🎉🙌

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Innovation Coaching Community Bootcamp 💡🦋

Online event

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