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The ABQ Tarot Tribe turned 12 years old in 2021 and has been growing steadily in membership. Inspired by Carrie Paris (www.carrieparis.com) who created the original Santa Fe Tarot Tribe Meetup Group, and birthed here in Albuquerque in 2009 by Margaret Letzkus and Robert Hahn, since 2014 our Tribe has been under the guidance of Cheryl Ryder. Thanks to all of our members, friends, and sponsors for their loyal support.

Each year we look forward to creating new programs as we delve deeper into our studies of the tarot with all of its mystery and wisdom. Please join us for the explorations of this ancient and sacred divination craft for enlightenment. Membership is free; we only ask reasonable donations for attendance at events in order to cover costs.

We promise to continue bringing quality presentations to further our collective knowledge of ourselves and the universe of consciousness.

Namaste, Cheryl Ryder, Organizer

Upcoming events (5+)

Book Study: Intentional Tarot by Denise Hesselroth

Online event


Why choose "Intentional Tarot"?

Many, many people read for themselves and for others, but how many of those readings get turned into achievable action plans so that the information provided by the cards is put to good use. Considering how many readers tell of clients returning again and again, stuck in the same place with the same question the question is rhetorical.

Author Denise Hesselroth will show us that divination is only the first step―once we have the information from your reading, what will we do with it? She presents effective techniques and spreads from both traditional and intentional reading methods, making it easy to discover which ones work best for us. Designed with different learning styles in mind, Intentional Tarot provides everything we need to understand the cards, develop our personal style, and take action for a successful future.

We'll probably take about 3-4 weeks in deep study of this book. There are some significant spreads and short journaling exercises that should be practiced for best absorption of the material.

You don't have to have the paperback book in hand by Thursday June 24th, 2021, (it is also available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook), we'll get started with introductory discussion. You will need to have the book by our second session on Thursday July 1st.

Your $10 meetup tuition for this class may be paid at: www.paypal.me/CherylR999 , or you may send a check to Cheryl Ryder, 1402 Main ST NW, B-502, Los Lunas NM 87031

Please RSVP and pay your fee before logging into class to avoid delays in admittance.

See you soon!
Namaste, Cheryl Ryder, ABQ Tarot Tribe Organizer

Special Event: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot, & the Tree of Life w/ Heather Mendel

Update June 3rd: Due to an unfortunate personal schedule conflict this meetup is rescheduled to happen on July 17th, same time and Zoom code. The Tarot Tribe apologizes for any inconvenience and hopes that you all can still join us for this very informative program! - Cheryl Ryder

Please welcome Heather Mendel, a good friend of our Organizer
from The Readers Studio as our Guest Instructor for this Special Event to enhance our understanding of Tarot & Kabbala!

Many of you have been participating in our (now annual) study of Tarot & the Kabbalah through the Counting of the Omer along with Mark Horn and his book "Tarot & The Gates of Light: A Kabbalistic Journey to Freedom" by studying daily pairings of the Tarot Minor Arcana with the Tree of Life Sephirot 4-10.

Heather is the author of The Syzygy Oracle and now the Parallax Oracle of the Minor Arcana and Kabbala with years of experience leading groups in working with tarot and the kabbalah.

Here's what you'll learn:

Just as the Fibonacci sequence underlies the sacred geometric spiral of life, the kabbalistic Tree of Life underlies the human journey of spiritual beings. In an age of cultural fusion, what happens when you interweave Kabbala and Tarot? You find a spiritual practice arising, a deepening intuitive awareness and connection us to the underlying One-ness of all Life. Experienced Tarot readers add nuanced layers of spirituality to their present understanding of the Minor Arcana. Aspiring kabbalists find in these images and explanations new insights that awaken the experience and expression of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

For an introduction to Heather's work please visit:

The Parallax Oracle: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot and the Tree of Life (on YouTube for the curious, is a short video) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3zdSqnOxj_scVMX8gtPtBg)

Heather's web site is at: www.sacredfemininekabbalah.com

Comments from readers:

The intuitive and knowledge-based approaches to understanding tarot are sadly often seen as separate and even contradictory. Heather Mendel has found a way to combine the two approaches that finally gives a clear, compelling and much-needed holistic way of reading the cards. The Parallax Oracle beautifully harmonizes the tradition of the Tree of Life with the norms of intuitive reading practice. A must-read for tarot students at all levels of experience. Wald Amberstone, Director, The Tarot School

Kabbalah is a received tradition that is renewed in each generation so that its teachings are described as “new old words.” Heather Mendel’s new book and deck, The Parallax Oracle fits this definition perfectly, blending traditional wisdom with rich new insights that arise out of dialog with other traditions. This is our good fortune, because Mendel has given us a deceptively simple guide to the workings of Divine energy and how we can connect with it to reach the soul’s highest potential. Mark Horn, author of Gates of Light Tarot

The linkage with the four suits of the Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life has long been a mainstay of the esoteric tradition. And yet, there has sometimes seemed something missing, a sense of what it might mean for us, for example, to know that the 3 of Swords refers us to Binah, the third position on the Tree, in the realm of thinking. Heather Mendel lovingly fills in these gaps, showing how the cards we draw, and the places on the Tree they reference, reveal themselves in our lives, and the choices we face. Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom.

YouTube: https://bit.ly/2stoeqw

Celebrate diversity and so sanctify Life

The Magic of Astrology in Tarot - Part 3 - The Minor Arcana Cards A-10

Astrological Correspondences In Tarot with Wald Amberstone -
Part 3 of 3: The Minor Arcana Ace-10

Wald Amberstone, Co-Founder of the Tarot School and Master of Tarot, will be guiding us on this journey into Tarot and Astrology. Session 3 of this series will bring the whole circle of the zodiac together, marrying the circular wheel of the year with the linear story told by the tarot.

If you joined us for our first two sessions with Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School you were blown away by his clear and succinct ways of looking at the astrological correspondences that have been encoded into modern tarot cards and the way they work together to enlarge the field of meaning for your tarot readings.

Our first session in March covered the Major Arcana. Session 2 on May 15th covered the Minor Arcana Court Cards. Wald has a particularly unique way of working with tarot and astrology that makes it all simple and easy to decode.

You don't have to have attended Session 1 or 2 in person to attend Part 3. When you RSVP and pay for Session 3 you will be sent a Dropbox link to the recording of Sessions 1 & 2 which contains materials and references that will not be recovered in much depth in Session 3. You will also receive a link to the handouts from both sessions.

Your $20 tuition fee may be paid via PayPal Send Funds at: www.paypal.me/CherylR999/20, or by check mailed to me at 1402 Main St NW, Suite B502, Los Lunas NM 87031. Please do not "Request Funds" through PayPal. Your request will be declined and your registration will not be confirmed.

Important: Along with stating which class you are registering for, be sure you include your current email address in your PayPal notes so that the confirmation letter with Dropbox links may be sent to you. Be sure you check your email spam/junk folders for an email from [masked].

Meaning in tarot is many layers deep, and each layer is a whole discipline unto itself. Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, numerology, psychology — all these add their wisdom to the knowledge of self and world that tarot gives us in such abundance.

In this class, we’ll look at how the basic symbolic elements of astrology fit so perfectly into the structure of a tarot deck. We'll be looking at how each Minor Arcana card fits into the structure of the Zodiac Wheel of the Year, the Decans, the Modalities of the signs (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable), and how to blend them together in tarot readings.

For those of you in the tribe who have been requesting sessions on tarot and astrology, I hope this meetup will fit the bill.

The Tarot School has a great audio course called "Pain-Free Astrology for Tarot Readers (MP3 format). While it's not required for attending this class with Wald, I sincerely recommend you purchase it at some point.
It's very well organized and instructive. Here's the link: https://tarotschool.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_12&products_id=33

Please have your 78-card Tarot Deck and writing materials handy for note-taking.

I'm looking forward to seeing you here! Namaste,
Cheryl Ryder, ABQ Tarot Tribe Organizer

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Mary K. Greer Tarot Blog: Tarot Resources Anytime!

Needs a location

This is a perpetual resource you can access anytime at home on your own computer or mobile device.

Mary K. Greer, Tarot Master and prolific author, is an internationally renowned tarot teacher through many media forms: the many books she has written or edited, conferences such as the Annual Readers Studio, the Tarot Master Class at the Omega Institute, video classes on various media platforms such as Global Spiritual Studies, video zoom calls and recordings, and her lifetime tarot blog

Here is the link to her marvelous tarot blog: https://marykgreer.com

Mary is a marvelous teacher!

Namaste, Cheryl Ryder, ABQ Tarot Tribe Organizer

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