NEW! Gong Bath - Go deeper: Extended duration 1.5 hours.

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Every 2 weeks on Wednesday until April 25, 2019

Price: £18.40 /per person

Waters Edge Heather Farm, Chobham Road Horsell

GU21 4XY · Chobham

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Chobham, Heather Farm, Horsell Common, Woking, Surrey GU21 4XY

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PRICE: £17 if paid directly.

Our new longer session is designed to take participants deeper within for an extra relaxation boost.

Sound therapy is a unique type of experience. We all have busy lives, rushing from here to there, generally feeling there is never enough time to do everything. The intention behind our sessions is to give you a welcome break from feeling this way. Our sound experience is designed to give you a truly deep sense of relaxation. We hope you will feel as we do, and experience a beautiful tranquil feeling. Guests at our events report feeling much calmer after the sound experience.

During our sound experience sessions, we use different instruments, such as rattles, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, gongs and others. We use a variety to help maximize the effects and also make the events more interesting and exciting for you! We aim to build a safe, comfortable yet magical atmosphere, and hope to offer you a friendly and inspirational place to relax or simply enjoy the power and beauty of sound!

Each session is unique, variety adds another dimension, and as any musicians will know, playing instruments intuitively can often produce surprising and rewarding results.

(Please see our Facebook page for reviews from past guests).

Please find below the general outline for each event.

We will start with 5min drumming and rattling, which is believed to help relieve stress and assists deep relaxation. We will then follow with a short 5 minute guided meditation, which will be accompanied by crystal or Tibetan bowls. Please, be aware that doors will be locked at this point. We will then transition into the Earth Gong, which creates a wonderful uplifting feeling.

The session ends with questions and comments; you can also speak with Gary and Olga about the instruments and your experience. The gong and drum create very low-frequency sound waves, something the bodies sense of touch can feel and work in a similar way to deep tissue massage.

Free herbal tea and chat afterwards.

You can also purchase full day tickets including our special afternoon workshops at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere. More info

Please, note that 50 pence from each ticket will be donated to Surrey Wildlife Trust and Wildlife Aid

Concessions: We will ask for evidence of eligibility. We do not turn anyone away from our events who have a genuine need for a reduced price ticket.


We provide yoga mats, blankets, pillows, and eye masks. We advise you to bring a bottle of water.


Please private message or email us your email address at the time of booking. We will send you our mobile number to make sure you can find us.

Heather Farm is located between the Littlewick Road roundabout & Horsell Common Road.

Heather Farm, Chobham Road, Horsell Common, GU21 4XY

WE ARE NOT IN THE GYM BUILDING! Please find the building at the back of the gym.

As you enter Heather Farm, turn right into the car park. We are located in a seperate building next to the gym. If you can see the coffee shop you are on the wrong side of the big building. We have free parking available outside the building we use, you can also use the main car park.

The best method is to type in Heather Farm, Woking into Google Maps. This should bring you to the large car park at Heather Farm. There is a signpost on the A3046 Chobham Road. Please avoid using the Gym car park (members only). We do have limited parking at the back of the gym car park - you will see orange cones and a staff only sign, you are welcome to park on the right past the cones. Failing that, you can use the other areas of the Heather Farm car park for free.

Please note, the mobile signal at Heather Farm isn’t very good. If you need to contact us for directions or to let us know you are running late, Whatsap is the best method as we have Wifi available in the building.


Eat light before & drink plenty of water before and after the event. We also encourage you to wear loose fitting clothes for your comfort.


Please, be aware that by clicking “RSVP YES” and paying for your ticket, as well as coming to the event and paying there, you confirm you have read and agreed to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Minors: Our events are aimed at adults 18+.

Medical conditions/prescribed medications/pregnancy: We advise those in the first trimester of pregnancy to abstain from our events. If you are pregnant, please, inform us before the event. If you have any medical conditions, are on a prescribed medication, are pregnant, or have any concerns, please, see your GP about attending, this will allow your GP to give appropriate advice. If you currently experience or have a history of serious health issues (including mental health issues, operations, medical procedures, seizures, implants, special needs), please, inform us before the event. Informing us will help us look after you.


If you have any questions, please, contact us. We are here to help and always happy to hear from anyone interested in what we do.


Or by filling in the Contact Form on the Contact us page on our website:

We hope to see you at our event! Gary and Olga