What we're about

There is a meditative quality to playing a classical music instrument. I would dare to say that it possesses healing properties. Maybe because it opens new channels and limitless ways for self expression, and for tapping safely on one's own feelings and emotions, reasserting the self and inducing a sense of peace and calm. Mastering the instrument is besides the point. It is the gratification and joy of playing and acquiring new skills that really matters.

I created this group as I believe there must be others who think the same, or for whom making music brings meaning and value into their lives in other interesting ways. In such a group, I hope that classical music would be the medium through which we could relate meaningfully to one another. I would also hope it would be a place to draw and give inspiration, motivate each other, challenge misconceptions about the worth of learning an instrument in adulthood, and promote classical music.

### Who Is Invited?

Amateur classical musicians from all levels are welcome. Professional classical musicians are also welcome. And of course, anyone who genuinely enjoys classical music.

### What to Expect

This group is mainly social, and so, only simple events that allow people to talk and learn about each other while sharing their passion for classical music, are to be expected. Getting together to play in ensembles or to share our thoughts on a performance/concert are examples on such events.

I would appreciate the help of members, in terms of ideas and suggestions.

### What NOT to Expect

- Do not expect to receive any kind of training on musical instruments. Again, this group is only social, and developing one’s skills is an individual effort that is outside the scope of this group.

- Do not expect the organizer to reserve your tickets or to find you offers that are not available elsewhere. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any party, and so, such expectations are beyond what I could do.

### Code of Conduct

In short, it would be respectfulness, being supportive, and RSVPing in a responsible way, specially in meetups that have limited spots.

Looking forward to meeting you, and I hope you have fun in this group and find like-minded friends!

October 15th, 2017

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