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Hey Sellers,

The goal of the group is to create a space for knowledge sharing, learning, and accountability.

The group consists of all skill levels and continues to welcome new members. The meeting format has changed slightly from past meetups.

The meeting will start promptly at 11 AM and begin with a quick ice breaker so everyone has a chance to meet each other.

This will be followed by a round table with the following format.

First timers will be invited to talk about the following points so please think about what you might want to say.
1. What is your "genesis story"? - how did you get started or how do you intend to start.
2. What challenges do you face?
3. What do you hope to get out of this meeting?

Those who have been before can join in with
1. What progress has been made since the last meeting.
2. What have you learned or discovered since the last meeting.

Once the round table is complete the meeting will open up to discussion so everyone in the group can get questions answered and share their knowledge.

The last half hour of the meeting will be dedicated to break out sessions. These sessions in the past have formed nicely on their own. Everyone will gravitate to their breakout group depending on where everyone is at and what they came to learn.

I look forward to seeing you there!

A couple quick reminders:

***As a friendly reminder, there are other meetings that take place during the same time, please keep this in mind during our discussion and breakout sessions so that the noise level does not become an interruption for the other meetings. Thank you for your understanding***

***Please update your RSVP if things change and you are unable to attend***

***Also we are looking for a new meeting space as the current one will not be available to us in the future. Please share any ideas for spaces we could continue to meet.****