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This meetup is for everyone who loves art, makes art and wants to be apart of the Indie Arizona Art Scene. This meetup will post social art networking events, public art displays, premieres, casting calls, and writing workshops for all different kinds of art, from writing to independent film and painting. It is the most cohesive art group. It is for anyone who has a dream and appreciates art.

Upcoming events (5+)

Julliena OKah's Meditational Violin Concert and talk about her books

Julliena is an accomplished writer, violinist and painter. She is coming for a private concert at Eveline's home. Eveline is also going to make or have some Japanese food in her honor. If you would like to come please call Eveline first to RSVP and she will also give you her address, thanks! Eveline's phone number is:[masked], however the event is currently full, please look for the next one at Eveline’s house. Thanks!

Tea Time With Suzanne

The Garage Art Gallery

Come talk about art with us, bring your own, drink some tea, meet new friends, share a snack while you gaze at a beautiful piece of art work, and most importantly tumble into a passionate love affair with us, of what we can never truly own, never really control and can't take with us when we leave, the ethereal ever moving universe that drives us back into ourselves and creation. Art for me has been a sacred space, my escapism, my greatest passion, and my place to express my deepest pain. I think as a woman owning that, and not believe someone is going to say to write it in a diary and bury it, but owning it has been hard. My wish is that Tea time with Suzanne can be a sacred place of art, where these deeper connections to life, that has given me a purpose can be shared. I am going to read pieces of my work that have been places I have channeled my pain, my isolation of losing both my parents to choice and abandonment, my frustrations at being a woman, my disappointments with the limitations of empathy in society, things that make me feel afraid, and intimate, vulnerable, empowered and strong. I invite anyone who can hold and share the space with me, to come and share a piece of their soul/art too. Tea time with Suzanne is a celebration of my life almost in an indirect way, and my forever deepening connection to this community I have loved. Come, have some tea, feel surrounded by beautiful flowers, and hold space. Art is not anything if not a mirror, a healer, and at times a worshipped piece of our feelings and downfalls. Come and connect, bee who you are, and soak in the strings of where art ends and friendships, like mindedness and helping hands begin.

Indie Film Night: The showing of The Voice That Was Louder Than Before

Come out and see the showing of the film: The Voice That Was Louder Than Before! I directed, wrote and did all the cinematography for this film, it took over a year to create and with the crew and actors combined 100 people worked on it. It was a labor of love and everyone involved in this film did it out of the message and the passion, not one person was paid. It is an artistic experimental film about a woman trying to find her voice, but feeling as if society's pressures and expectations over shadow her, and as she loses her sense of control, she finds no one around her who sees and hears and acknowledges everything she is losing. It is a story about falling and realizing when you hit the rock bottom no one in society notices. There is this experience in life, before we have words and conversations, before we talk about needing more empathy or we have panel discussions on how to change mind, there is an experience of life that isn't even allowed to be talked about yet, because no one can see the experience, that is what this film is about. Also don't let the title fool you, it is not about someone finding their voice, it is about other people's voices becoming so loud that a person loses their own. Join us for a night of thoughtful film and a heartfelt conversation afterwards! I will have snacks, wine and crackers and cheese. How to find us: First find the home on Roma (1536 W Roma Ave), one with a red outlined window door, and then The Garage Art Gallery is behind its carport. It is a little misleading having a garage behind a carport, so make sure to look for the house!

The Garage Art Gallery's Exhibit: Bee Free

The Garage Art Gallery

Come out to the Suzanne's Moving Gallery Presents: The Garage Art Gallery Opening Exhibit: Bee Free. Come dressed up in a splash of black and yellow or as a bee. There will be a food truck, live music, a play about breaking away from establishment/ the hive and art to buy. This is a free event, so bring money for art, there will be photographs and color penciled flowers on wood for sale. Suzanne's Moving Gallery is annual or semi-annual event of a moving gallery through flipped houses, with the goal to eventual having a brick and mortar gallery location and a long term mental health hospital. So Beee free and come and enjoy some giant flowers pieces as a bee with us while breaking away from the established authority in art :)!

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The Garage Art Gallery

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