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Intro To The Pathwork: Teleconference Meetup
Join me, Darlene to hear and ask questions about this contemporary spiritual path that people are just discovering. .. It was transmitted during the 60's and 70's but people are now developed spiritually and psychologically enough to recognize the wisdom here and be able to apply its teachings. I have been following this approach since 1984 and it has lead me beautifully through life's challenges and wonders from the perspective of the Soul Journey. This is a Path of self knowledge and wisdom. The Pathwork Lectures are all available free on line and there are other great sources of inspirational and self help reading that is being generated from this original material. The work or spiritual practice in sessions and on our own I call Soul Whispering or Process Meditation. Find out more by joining me for a get acquainted call. I will demonstrate the value of the work as it relates to your own journey. Just call the conference number posted The Art of Soul Whispering is a process and practice of learning to listen in to the depths of the soul and to be present to ourselves in a new way. This helps us understand the events and circumstances of our lives and why we undergo sometimes difficult or challenging experiences from the Soul's perspective. Most of us have an understanding of this in theory and have examples of it we have witnessed, but when we are in the midst of something, we are often lost and at sea. This process helps us learn to navigate the rapids of life, and harvest the beauty and love from it all. I hope to meet you soon. Blessings, Darlene

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Welcome seekers and finders. This meetup features the many wonderful programs of Earthwalk Ways and the Earthwalk Retreat.

We need to learn to whisper to our soul: All of nature whispers to our soul. We are hungry for this intimate communication within ourselves and with all that is around us. We need to learn to whisper to others as well so that they can learn to whisper to themselves again. Come learn and practice the Art of Deep Listening, Soul whispering and Natural Communion.

Come and find a little peace of paradise here at the Retreat for a few hours or a few days. For more information please go to or contact me at 540 752 5540. My regular email is If you want to get the notes from the Wisdom of the Guide teleconference class please email me here.

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