What we're about

This is a Meetup group inspired by but not sticking to the book the Artist's Way (by Julia Cameron). As people who are interested in creating something, we often try to go it alone, get discouraged, and give up. It's a bit crazy to make something -- why us, why waste the time -- and I thought a supportive group for this sort of thing could help us pursue our dreams and hobbies.

I was thinking we could fill the meetings with just workshopping stuff, and also some interesting exercises -- anything from laughing yoga, to exercises to inspire creativity from the Artist's Way, to book and article discussions (I've read some great stuff and I'm sure others have too).

If you do anything creative -- create digital art or paintings, write stories or poetry, make videos (like me) or music, or anything else that could even loosely be considered creative, you should join! I intend this group for people who are both people that are both professionals or aspiring professionals at what they do, or just doing it to keep their spirit alive -- we all have creativity in us!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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