What we're about

We meet regularly to cook Asian food from scratch while learning about the stories—how it came about, why we cook it the way we do—of each dish. Everyone is welcome!

Some Dishes We Previously Made Together
• Biang Biang Noodles from Xi'An - Fat noodles topped with chili pepper, garlic, ginger and green onion
• Tantanmen - The Japanese rendition of the Sichuan classic Dan Dan noodles
• Jajangmyeon - A crazy yummy Korean take of a traditional Beijing dish
• Uni rice roll (Cheong Fun) from scratch
• Fortune cookies from scratch

Why You Should Join
• Research shows sharing a meal together makes you happier! Nearly half of adults’ meals are eaten alone in front of the computer, in the car, on the go in this country. We do it too and we don't like it.
• We think going deeper to learn about the food we put in our body makes us feel more connected with the world.
• No more "too busy to grocery shop", "I am not confident I can make delicious food", "I can't find the ingredients". Just show up!

Additional Information
• Skill level? No skill level requirements. Even if you don't feel confident cooking, there are still plenty of things you can help out with, e.g. putting rice in bowls, and maybe you will get better at cooking after a few of these meetups! Since we are keeping the meetups small (no more than 6 people), we can accommodate the entire meal even no one else is cooking.
• How does the night usually go? Each meetup will be slightly different. We usually start with a round of introductions, discuss the basic background on the chosen theme, share some fun facts, watch some videos, get our hands dirty in the kitchen, and then eat! This is not an instructional cooking class. We won't be familiar with every dish we want to make, so expect some brave experiments together.
• Do I need to bring anything? We will split the food cost, so just bring yourself. We will provide tea, but feel free to bring drinks, fruits or dessert. Alcoholic drinks are welcome.
• Dietary restrictions or other requests? Message us and we can arrange something together.

* Our meetups will be more Chinese focused at first since it's what we know best. But expect other Asian goodness soon. ** If you have a really cool theme you want our next meetup to focus on, message us!

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