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Where can atheists go for the same level of companionship and support that churches, temples, and other houses of worship all readily provide for their members?

Now there's a place. The Atheist Abbey is a community for us to gather and give each other warmth and caring. A place to make new friends. A place to share our troubles and get hugs in return.

If you ever wished you had access to the warmth and support of a church but felt out of place in a god-centered environment, our arms are open here.

Pastafarians welcome!

(Note: The Atheist Abbey is an unincorporated, non-prophet organization.)

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Keeping in touch on Zoom • Your Favorite Memes :-D

Online event

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your summer, and have had a safe time.

It's time for us to start meeting up again—yay! And what better way to do so than via things that make us laugh, giggle, and smirk.

Share your favorite memes with us! (Meme: a humorous image, video, etc., that spreads rapidly on the internet.) Collect together the ones that truly made you giggle, and we can all screen share together.

Or if they're merely text, recite them to us during the event.

It's definitely time for us to laugh together again!

And just how cool is it that our favorite atheist—Richard Dawkins—is the one who coined the word "meme"? Três apropos. ;-)


Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month starting at 3:00 pm PT as we Zoom away the gloom in our online conference room!

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