AA Tech Talk: Deep Neural Networks for Sound Event Detection - Dr Emre Çakir


Audio Analytic Ltd. invites you to the next in its series of Tech Talks:

"Deep Neural Networks for Sound Event Detection"

by Dr. Emre Çakir

In this talk, Emre will present a summary of his findings from the seven publications in his PhD thesis titled "Deep Neural Networks for Sound Event Detection". He will investigate the performance of the more recently developed deep learning algorithms in various detection tasks such as real-life sound event detection, rare event detection and bird audio detection. He will also propose a feature learning algorithm based on the combination of neural networks and the domain knowledge from human auditory perception.

Emre Çakir graduated from METU, Turkey with a BSc. with honor degree in Electronics Engineering in 2013. Then he completed his MSc. (signal processing major) and PhD (information technology) studies with distinction in Tampere Univ. of Tech. (TUT), Finland in Jan, 2015 and Feb, 2019, respectively. Since 2014, he is a member of Audio Research Group in TUT under supervision of Tuomas Virtanen, and he was employed as a SWE intern at Google under supervision of Dan Ellis in 2018. He is mainly working on audio information retrieval (sound event detection, musical instrument classification/synthesis etc.) in real-life environments with deep convolutional and recurrent neural networks.

The talk will be followed by Q&A and networking around nibbles.

Doors open 18:00, talk to start promptly at 18:30.
Attendance is free.

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