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All are welcome to show up and chat about C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, Python, or software engineering in general. We'll have a sign saying "C/C++" on our table, so look for it!

The venue is an all-ages restaurant, which has a large menu of pub-style food. There is also an extensive array of beers from around the world to try out, plus a small selection of wines.

Format: During the first hour, people come in and find a seat at our table. At 8:00 we ask the servers not to interrupt for a little while, so we can give everyone a minute or so to talk about who they are and what's on their mind. After that, people can shuffle around into new groups based on those introductions. That's it!

New Organizers: The Austin C/C++ Group is now under new (and old) management! This is the first Meetup after the end of Brian's tenure as Organizer, and you can read his goodbye blog here: http://hostilefork.com/2013/06/19/farewell-to-austin-c-cpp-group/

Special Feature: Pearson Education donated four of their latest books for our group to enjoy: Bjarne Stroustrup's long awaited "The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition," "Secure coding in C and C++", "C++11 for Programmers" and "C++ for the Impatient" (http://www.informit.com/promotions/promotion.aspx?promo=138989&publicity). Each one clocks in at 500 pages or more and features recent material- none of the copyright dates precede 2013. We'll try to avoid spilling beer on them and see who's interested in reviewing them.

The end time is listed as 9:00, but people can technically stick around until midnight!