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North Austin Monthly C/C++ Pub Social -= THE FINAL CHAPTER?! =-

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BREAKING NEWS! Community Impact Newspaper reports BB Rovers may close by Christmas if they cannot find a seller:

The owners and staff of BB Rovers have been kind and generous hosts for years. While I still have time, I want to rundown some of the great things they've done for us:

* Everyone knows that when it comes to running the group, I, as organizer, have the responsibility of bringing the box filled with cubes and name tags. But guess who was always pushing the tables we sat at together? Me? Only rarely! Usually, it was the servers at BB Rovers.

* One time I was sitting at the big group of tables all by myself, and this group of dangerous motorcycle gangsters came in and tried to sit down. As I went to take my hands out of my pockets to fight them, the server interjected: "hey jerks, that space is for the Austin C/C++ Meetup Group, and I'll be dead and in Hell before I let you sit there!" They then said "any group which is defended like that must be a group worth joining." All of them later bought copies of The C++ Programming Language Fourth Edition, and settled down after reuniting with their broken families.

* Once I left the big box of cubes and name tags behind. The servers at BB Rovers found it, kept it for me, and then gave it back to me the moment I showed up a month later. I hadn't even realized I'd lost it.

* Once a member walked out without paying his tab. I didn't even find out until months later, when they asked if we'd seen the guy (rumors persist he was actually a spy sent from the Python meetup). The group banded together to pay off his tab amidst the server's objections.

It would not be a stretch to say that in a way, the staff of BB Rover have been the co-organizers of this group. I'm really not sure where we will go if they close down!

This may be our last time to drink and make merry at what has been our home since 2006, so let's show them how much we appreciate all the years they've given us!

For the uninitiated, BB Rovers is a historic Austin landmark, with a large menu of pub-style food. I recommend a small (not "individual" sized) pineapple and ham pizza- the Austin C/C++ User Groups official pie of choice.

Are you a teetotaler? BB Rover serves the finest sodas and sarsaparilla. Love yourself some alcohol? BB Rover serves a wide selection of domestic, import, and craft beers.

Do you mask social anxiety by endlessly consuming food? Then why not order a cherry cobbler à la mode for dessert?

While you're at it, you should pick up some chips n' salsa for the table! We only live once after all.

How about shots? Does anybody want to do shots?

Format: during the first hour, people come in and find a seat at our table. At 8:00, we go around the room and introduce ourselves, unless I don't want to mess with the vibe or forget.

The end time is listed at 9:00, but it's a free country, so you do what you want!