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Let's see Yayoi Kusama's infinity mirriros!
McNay Art Museum in San Antonio will be having one of Yayoi Kusama (a famous Japanese contemporary artist)’s installations until 9/2 as part of their Immersed: Local to Global Art Sensations special exhibit (more details here Admission is free with general admission of $20 (student ticket is available for $15). After the ticket for general admission (, make a reservation for the special exhibit for 8/18 @11am ( I’m scheduling the event earlier in case we want to spend time viewing other exhibits. We can have a late lunch together at ~2pm. As always, hope to see everyone there! Feel free to comment below if you need/want to carpool etc.

McNay Art Museum

6000 N New Braunfels Ave · San Antonio


What we're about

This is a group of Japanese native speakers and non Japanese natives enjoying speaking and learning the language and having fun together in various fun events, from weekly conversation meeting to the annual trip to Japan! Anyone who wants to learn and speak Japanese is welcome! ALL levels are welcome!

If you're a fan of the Japanese culture (anime, art, J-Pop, history, cosplay, etc.), come experience the language in person so you may enjoy it even more. This group is for socializing, meeting new people, having a lot of fun while playing games, watching movies, eating, singing, etc. But, at the foundation we are here to learn the language every time we meet. We don't just chat in English the whole time.

We want to see everyone, even very beginners at least trying to speak and to listen to the Japanese language. Our goal is to walk out of each meeting with at least one new piece of knowledge or experience. Even Japanese natives learn something new about their own language when they teach non native Japanese speakers. We're all here to learn and share. And, yes, you're welcome to create your own events here as well.

We actually meet up in person offline. That's why we care about the RSVP responses and the actual attendance as if we have one-on-one meetings.

For that reason, these types of members will be removed from the group.

1) members who don't attend at least one meeting in every 90 days

2) no show more than twice

If all of that sounds good, come join us! If you're not ready to join yet, but would like to stay in touch with us, please join us on our Facebook page!

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