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This group is for anyone who wants to learn to code. It's for absolute beginners and those who are looking to get back into coding after being out of it for a while. We will cover Java, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, and many other popular languages. Get familiar with code syntax, become code literate, add a new career skill to your resume. Whatever it is you want to learn about coding, this group will serve as a support mechanism and guide as you pursue your ongoing code education.

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Ruby Introduction and Overview
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After attending the All About Python meeting to dip my toes into the world of coding and having been given the invaluable advice to figure out a project to work on and choose a language from there, I asked a friend of mine about possibly collaborating on projects and he said he has been learning Ruby. Is there any way that a meet up like the one for Python could be organized to cover Ruby? Or perhaps a compare and contrast of the two languages' strengths and weaknesses?

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