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This is a group for people who eat, sleep and drink Vue... or you just want to share your knowledge and get feedback from others using Vue. From the expert to the beginner, this is the place for you!

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Feb Meetup: Shopivue

Proof HQ

Happy Vuesday vuetiful people! Welcome back for round 2 of our Shopify lite project. Last time we got a basic vue installation running using vue cli and showed a list of products using vuex and vuex-persisted state. This time we will extend the project with an admin page that lets you add, edit and delete products. If we have some time remaining we'll move into authentication using Firebase's built in auth tools. If you had a group you liked last time and want to continue where you left off go ahead and sit with them again and pull up the project from last time. If you're just getting started, or you want to all be on the same page I have put up a starter project on the Austin Vue Meetup github here: https://github.com/austin-vue-meetup/vueshop It has the product list already initiated and some vuex mutations ready to go. We'll have pizza, water (La Croix and regular), and coffee here for you. BYOB is welcome as well. When you get here, look for the person wearing the "Proof" t-shirt as they can direct you. If you don't see them, message me and we'll come get you. See you on Vuesday night!

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January Meetup: Shopivue

Proof HQ

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