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Maybe you think you're in a midlife crisis and not sure why. Are you realizing that your "tough mindedness" can look like rage? You know you're better than him for the promotion but he got it. Is your boss an idiot? Did you look in the mirror? Guys don't have a playbook for all the roles we choose and the roles that society says we SHOULD choose. Whatever happened to "Rights of Passage" from boyhood to manhood? Men need to figure their sh*t out and get help from their peer group of men who also silently struggle to make progress or find purpose in life. This group will provide an easy to understand archetypal framework that men can use to process what all men go through and what exists in all humanity (collective unconscious) and how we show up in our daily lives. Archetypes are a proven way for Men to make sense of "What, How & Why" we are the way we are and how we can begin to consciously choose the life we want to lead.

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