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This group is for women of color who identify as queer, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc. and find typical queer spaces...errrr...challenging. If you’ve reconciled with your own awkwardness and wish you could find other queer women of color with similar dispositions, who, quite naturally, aren’t likely creating meetup groups--but probably thought about it--this meetup group is for you. This group will focus on small-group activities to help foster conversation and lasting friendships--attending arts events and getting dinner afterward to discuss them, meeting for drinks at bars that aren’t teeming with people, grabbing coffee on a weekend afternoon, etc. We’ll try to have regular meetups and meetups for particular events. And we’ll always tolerate awkward silences, poorly-timed comments, clumsiness, and tangents.

Please provide a photo in your profile so that we know who is coming to the events, especially ones in people's homes. Also to be clear, this isn't a dating or hook up Meetup group. (If it happens organically, congrats! lol) So, please try to avoid any awkward situations and respect people's boundaries.

We have a message board if you want to use it. https://www.meetup.com/The-Awkward-Queer-Women-of-Color-Meetup-Group/messages/boards

Now for the new stuff about attendance accountability.

The group will be implementing a few new rules in regards to no shows and frequent cancellations.

Cancellations - If you cancel before the RSVP time is over there is no penalty but keep in mind that you may be taking someone spot that is committed to going.

Late Cancellations - If you cancel after the RSVP time, there will be a 3 strike policy implemented. You do this 3 times and any future event you RSVP to will be moved to wait list (or not going list if wait list can't be created until later.) If here are spots open by the RSVP deadline we will give you the option to get back in.

No Shows - After two no shows you will be put on the wait list (or not going list like above) for any future event. After the 3rd no show you will be removed from the group. That will really be awkward af for me so don't make us do it.

We got a lot of members but some of y'all haven't seen the site in a year lol. So here’s there criteria for possible removal and complete removal.

Possible Removal:

If your profile says you do not live in Illinois, you may be removed.

If you have not attended a Meetup since January 1, 2018, you may be removed.

If you want to remain in this Meetup group, then all you need to do is reply below in the comments section of our message board. (Yes, we have one. On our tool bar click “More” and then you’ll see the Message Board to click on.)

Complete Removal:

If you have not visited the Meetup group page since January 1, 2019, you WILL be removed.

The purge has begun.

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