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Turn on the news, listen to the radio or go to a school board meeting or better yet, during your IEP meeting and your sure to hear all about INTEGRATION or INCLUSION! For me...and I know it’s true for you antennae really perk up when they start talking about INTEGRATION/INCLUSION and AUTISM! Integration and Inclusion are the new BUZZ words that are supposed to keep everyone on our side of the fence feeling warm and fuzzy .....but how well is this really being done? IN General (be it in school or where ever our kids are promised a super smooth ride), are we being fed a new version of lip service to keep us quiet....or are our kids smoothly moving along the same page with everyone else? Listen to the proponents of Integration and inclusion speak, you’d be led to believe that our kids are not only ALL ON THE SAME PAGE but the paper it’s written on is without crease or even a tiny wrinkle!!! I’ve been hearing from a lot of parents lately that have more than a few thoughts they want to share about their experience....especially when it comes to the classroom! SO...what would you like to share? Has it been Great? Would love to hear about it. Has it been Good? Where’s the wrinkle? Just OK....or are you in the growing number of people who keep telling me that they have another way they’d describe INCLUSION & INTEGRATION!!!??? I am a very positive person and I hope to hear a lot of great experiences. I’m also very pragmatic and if there’s any issues to be addressed, then LET’S GET TO IT! As always, please our ‘BE in for Autism” Meetings ...we’re first and foremost a SUPPORT GROUP! We are there to share, support and build each other up! In addition.. we have many great resources to share for just about everyone and/or any and everything you could possibly need! In addition...each meetup meeting has a “focus topic”. For this meeting - the ‘Focus Topic’ is obviously the idea of “Autism Integration and Inclusion” ! If you’re a member and have yet to attend one of our meetings, it’s important for you to know that we spend as much time on the focus topic as the GROUP determines would be helpful. Sometimes we-brush on it and sometimes we hit a HOT TOPIC and everyone want’s to stay on it!!! However, it is also important for you to know that whether we simply touch on the topic or find that it takes center stage - you will always leave with a handout packet of Educational - Informative and Well thought out material about the Focus topic of the day. SO if you came hoping to get some solid information, but we just brushed on a topic that you had hoped to sink your teeth’ll always walk away with some great Material based ON WHAT our TOPIC OF THE DAY was all about!!!!! IF you haven’t already, please check out our NEW WEBSITE- WWW.BEINFORAUTISM.COM Also, check out and PLEASE join our new Youtube channel, our Facebook page, instagram etc. all under the same “BE in for Autism” Name. WE’RE here to Help support you ! SO please do come and join us...please RSVP “YES OR NO”, and we love suggestions. So if you have an idea for our meetings, please post them here or again, visit our website and sign up to join us and receive our news letter! WE’RE “ALL IN” and we know you are too... Hope to see you there, Candace Candace Grasso President and Founder “BE in for Autism” Assoc. [masked] [masked]


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The "BE in for autism" Association is a start up group seeking to provide support for families of children with ASD. We provide fun, safe and judgement free activities and resources for our children, as well as their family members.

The "BE in for autism" Association also offers support, resource and information sharing sessions for family members as well. COME JOIN US!!!

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