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Welcome to the Baltimore Jewish Book Club! We are an organization whose interests include books, eating, and schmoozing. The Book Club is open to anyone and everyone interested in participating in a reading group. Our general topics incorporate all things Jewish, including but by no means limited to: -Fiction relating to Jewish themes/topics (by any author) -Non-fiction relating to Jewish history, culture, and religion (by any author) -Fiction and non-fiction written by Jewish and/or Israeli authors on any topic Essentially, anything that can in any way be connected back to a Jewish ‘dot’ in any way is fair game for our group. Upcoming selections will be determined through nominations and voting at book club events.

Upcoming events (5+)

Minyan in Kaifeng

Jewish Museum of Maryland

Narrated by Leonard Nimoy, the movie, Minyan In Kaifeng, takes us into the homes of two families descended from an ancient Chinese Jewish community who themselves have never even celebrated Shabbat. They have invited a modern group of Jewish travelers into their homes, leading to a reunion one thousand years in the making. This film is a story of ancient Diaspora, of old dangers and newfound wisdom. This program is presented in relation to the Jewish Refugees and Shanghai exhibit, on display February 3 – March 10, 2019. Tickets to public programs include admission to the Museum. Reserve your tickets at the Jewish Museum of Maryland's website.

Eternal Life by Dara Horn

Goldberg's New York Bagels

What would it really mean to live forever? Rachel is a woman with a problem: she can’t die. Her recent troubles―widowhood, a failing business, an unemployed middle-aged son―are only the latest in a litany spanning dozens of countries, scores of marriages, and hundreds of children. In the 2,000 years since she made a spiritual bargain to save the life of her first son back in Roman-occupied Jerusalem, she’s tried everything to free herself, and only one other person in the world understands: a man she once loved passionately, who has been stalking her through the centuries, convinced they belong together forever. But as the twenty-first century begins and her children and grandchildren―consumed with immortality in their own ways, from the frontiers of digital currency to genetic engineering―develop new technologies that could change her fate and theirs, Rachel knows she must find a way out. Gripping, hilarious, and profoundly moving, Eternal Life celebrates the bonds between generations, the power of faith, the purpose of death, and the reasons for being alive.

Holocaust Memoirs of a Bergen Belsen Survivor by Nanette Blitz Konig

In these compelling Holocaust memoirs, Nanette Blitz Konig relates her amazing story of survival during the Second World War when she, together with her family and millions of other Jews, was imprisoned by the Nazis with a minimum chance of survival. Nanette was a classmate of Anne Frank in the Jewish Lyceum of Amsterdam. They met again in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp shortly before Anne died. During these emotional encounters, Anne Frank revealed how she and her family hid in the annex , their deportation, her experiences and her diary. Nanette describes her battle for survival under brutal conditions in the camp and what happened to her after the war. This memoir continues with her struggles to recover after the war from the effects of starvation and tuberculosis and how she was able to rebuild a life for herself.

The Light of Hope

Peggy and Yale Gordon Center For Performing Arts

Part of the Jewish Film festival this movie is based on the true story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz [masked]), a young Red Cross nurse transforms an old French villa into a birth clinic and saves the lives of mothers and children from the Nazis and Franco’s regime in Spain. Despite hardship and demands that the Jewish refugees be turned over, the villa stands as a safe-haven resounding with children's laughter. Buy tickets through the Gordon Center.

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Above the Drowning Sea

Jewish Museum of Maryland

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