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Practical Monad Transformers
It's been a long time, let's meet up again to discuss everything Haskell or pure functional. We are structuring this meetup in two sessions. 1) The first session will be a 1 hour talk on Monad Transformers. The talk will include the need and motivation for monad transformers, how to stack multiple monads in a transformer stack to combine effects, some common monad transformers, an overview of the transformers and mtl libraries, how to create your own monad transformer, advantages, pitfalls and alternatives. The talk will be concluded with a practical example building a servant based web application combining logging, configuration and database access in a transformer stack. The pre-requisites for the talk is basic understanding of Haskell and monads. To develop an understanding of monad transformers you can go through the monad transformers chapter of the Haskell Wikibook This talk will be conducted by Harendra Kumar. Harendra is an experienced Haskeller, he has contributed to many open source Haskell projects and written several Haskell packages. You can find some of his open source work here or here 2) In the next 1 hour session the participants can bring their own Haskell coding problems or issues that they usually face and seek advice from other experienced Haskellers on how to solve them. Please think a little bit about the problems or issues that you would like discuss, anything from beginner level to intermediate or advanced. Looking forward to see you all.


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