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What we’re about

Haskell is a modern high level programming language which allows you to write programs which are concise, correct by construction and consist of highly composable building blocks. The saying goes about Haskell programs that if it compiles it works! You can understand and reason about the correctness of Haskell programs in a way which is unparalleled.

We are a diverse group of experienced Haskellers, commercial Haskell users as well as learners. We usually meet on Saturdays at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM. The session includes talks by experienced Haskellers. We try to cater to new learners, beginners as well as advanced users in each session. Come join us to learn, discuss or talk about one of the best languages on the planet or simply meet the brilliant bunch of fellow Haskellers.

Join our open gitter chat room at .

For upcoming meetups, you can also follow the blrfunprog twitter handle.

There is also Haskell India Group on Telegram.

Find the material from previous talks at .