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Hello All, Since moving here I have been loving riding my road bike through the roads into the hills around the city or some of the beautiful rural roads further a field. With road cycling, two is already a group, so I wanted to create this group for all those road cyclist out there who want to meet up with other road bikers for short or longer trips and a nice workout. This is primarily a road biking group, which basically means that the routes we follow are intended for people owning a …. road bike. If you have a light hybrid, you may be able to come along on some of the rides, although you may find that on longer rides the disadvantage in the speed you can achieve on a hybrid vs. a road bike may make it quite an effort to follow along. For other types of cycling, there is another lovely cycling meetup group for leisurely rides on any terrain, as well as plenty of semi-pro/amateur road biking or mountain biking clubs around the city, which you may find through some of the local bicycle shops. The rides are open for road cyclist at all levels of fitness, so do not hesitate to sign up for events. This is not a competitive group, so we do adapt our pace to assure everyone can follow or wait for each other at the top of climbs, descents etc. Think less about the pace, but do consider the length of a ride. No one should have too much trouble completing a 40km ride, but a 90km ride can be a quite a challenge if you have not cycled much recently, especially since most routes will include bits of climbing. From my experience, the average speed on a whole trip will be between 20-30Km/h (usually closer to 20), which means uphill speeds between 10-17km/h. Speeds on flat roads between 25 up to 40Km/h. If you are concerned, do talk to your organizer to talk over the planned route instead of assuming it will be too hard. Most of the time it should be feasible for everyone, unless specifically mentioned its not. If the groups get bigger, it may be possible to break up into smaller groups with different levels during a ride and for instance meet up halfway along for lunch. When this happens, it is important that when a group is formed, this group then does have to remain together for the whole ride. I will invite any of you to become co-organizers, in which way this group will hopefully become a message board and meeting point, with frequent options to meet people for a ride either during the week or on the weekends. If you want to post a ride (no matter how short), let me know and I can appoint you as co-organizer. Naturally, you will then have to take the lead, pick a route, (show up...on time) and stick to some basic group rules. Naturally there are a couple of group rules as well. First of all, road cycling is a dangerous sport. Especially when you are riding in groups, make sure you are aware you have a responsibility to the safety of the other riders around you, especially those behind you who may be following you blindly as they sit out of the wind in your slipstream. This means, make sure you signal those behind you of any obstacles in the road, keep to the traffic rules (Many cyclist jump red lights on their own, but in a group this may be dangerous), and avoid sudden braking, cutting others off etc. Joining on rides is naturally at your own risk and neither myself, any other organizers or meetup can accept any responsibility for any mishaps on the trip. Secondly, if you signed up, but can’t make it, please let your organizer know (especially if you know the group is small). We will wait no more than 15min at the starting point. If it was agreed to pick you up along the way somewhere we will not wait at each point for more than 5min. Also make sure you bring a few basic tools and a spare tire in case of technical problems. Most cyclist do not bring anything to plug punctures anymore but just carry one or two spare tires, so if you forgot yours and the others in your group may not carry the right size, the group may be stranded trying to get you back home… Lastly, for those who may not be familiar with Meetup, the groups are all run on voluntary basis by enthusiast. None of the groups are professional tour organizers of any kind, so do keep that in the back of your mind if one day you find that a trip is going less smooth than you hoped for. Also, it does cost money run this page. I have been happy to pay for it, as I do it for my own enjoyment. For most events I will not charge any fees, but I welcome any small contributions to share the cost. Saludos and hasta pronto, Michel

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Adv 112km/1200m+ : Rat penat from the back

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

• What we'll do
Hi all!

Distance: 112 km
Climbing: 1200 m+
Aprox. average speed of the whole ride: 29-31 km/h

Regarding the speed of the ride, as a reference, the Arrabassada segment from Barcelona would be done in about 14-16min. This ride is only for fit/experienced riders being able to keep high speeds on the flat even if drafting, and therefore only limited amount of time will be waited. We regroup at the end of each climb waiting a few minutes. Every rider has the responsibility to know the route in case the pace is too high.

Hope to see you there!!


Hola a tots!

Respecte la velocitat, com a referència, el ritme en el segment de l'Arrabassada des de Barelona seria d'uns 14-16min. Així, aquesta sortida només és per ciclistes avançats capaços de mantenir velocitats altes en planer encara que sigui en drafting, i per això només s'esperarà una quantitat limitada de temps. Ens reagrupem al final de cada pujada esperant uns minuts. Cada ciclista té la responsabilitat de saber la ruta en cas de que la velocitat sigui massa alta.

Espero veure-us allà!!

• What to bring
Water, food, repair kit, gps/phone with map/route...

🐢 Slow early intermediate - N2 - Canyamars - Dosrius - Orrius - Besos

Hotel Arts Barcelona

This is a 5 hr ride plus 1 hr brunch no rush.

About 90km with just 810 mt elevation.

Training level required suitable for riders that are not fast as the intermediate group but they are used to ride. Beginners are also welcome if they have already done a similar route.

We will ride together in a group. We will wait at crossroads and top of climbs. If you are in a hurry or like competing this is probably not the right group for you, beside cycling I like to enjoy the route and you will have to wait for me all the time.

We will have breakfast in Canyamars around 12 am at the top of the first easy hill, roughly half way, then we will have to climb Orrius and the way back that is most flat.

Link of the route: https://www.komoot.it/tour/329486306/zoom

Remember to bring the mask with you and if you have COVID symptoms or you have been in close contact with suspected/confirmed cases in the last week, DO NOT JOIN this meetup.

Please, remember:
- This is a free meetup: each member is responsible for his/her safety at all times. It is not a competition or a training and it is just for fun no money or business involved.
- You need a helmet, at least 1 lt of water, a road bike, a phone, spare inner tube, cash, energy food. I might not allow some people to come if they do not have the basics.
- You must check the route before coming in order to be aware you will be able to complete it, it is also recommend to download it before coming.

After you read all this it is time to enjoy the ride!

50K slow intermediate and beginners Gava to Sitges through garraf

Estació de tren renfe de Gavà

Ride starting from the Gavà train station, uphill along the edge of Parc Garraf (there's a proper climb in here, with one 0.5km short steep section), then through the Penedés, and we will finish in Sitges.

This is not a hard ride but it does require a proper bicycle.

We are not in a hurry. No races. We ride in a group.

I will meet you at the RENFE Sants station platform downstairs at 9.00 am to take the train at 9.15 that arrives at Gava about 20 minutes later.

I enclose a map with the route. We will end in Sitges and then we'll take a train back to Barcelona. It should be quite nice!

Directions from[masked],[masked] to[masked],[masked] (https://www.google.com/maps/dir/41.303216,2.010072/41.30814,1.99107/41.331544,1.919456/41.360072,1.77843/41.352839,1.743936/41.307772,1.784754/41.244341,1.804042/41.233865,1.804225/@41.289416,1.923294,18100m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m18!4m17!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!1m1!4e1!3e0?hl=en)

Please, do not forget your MASK (at the train and cafés you need to wear it.
We expect riders to follow COVID precautions. If you have had COVID symptoms or you have been in close contact with suspected/confirmed cases in the last 2 weeks, DO NOT JOIN this meetup.

In case you have never ridden with me, send me a message with your details about your bicycle, speed average, etc. If you are in a hurry or love races this is not the adequate ride for you. We ride together, we wait for the slowest in the crossroads and top of the hills. We are fond of bicycle tourism on-road bike.
Please, remember, if you ride with me: you agree that this is not a sports club, no business is involved and that each member is responsible for his/her safety at all times You know that you have to take a proper road bicycle to ride with us and bring all the things you need to ride in safe and good conditions (helmet, tools, replacements, water, energetic food, cash for train tickets and lunch, etc)? You will come if you are able to complete the route. Please, we will ride together in a group. We will wait for the slowest people, at crossroads and tops of climbs. The routes are usually half or full day to enjoy the views and usually have lunch together. If you are in a hurry or with timing it is better not to come with me. My speed average is 17km/h approximately.
Please, answer the questionnaire when you sign for the event including the details of the contact, preferably. Looking forward to riding with you!

Early Morning Conreria loop -

Location visible to members

Monday Morning training!

We meet at the benches where the pin is at 7:30AM and leave 7:35AM, and return into the city is around 10AM.

This a 45-50km road cycling intermediate- weekly ride with 1 or 2 climbs depending on how people is feeling.

Average pace is around 19km/h.


We’ll wait at the top of the climbs but be aware of the route in case you want to beak away or get lost.

Bring water, helmet and spares, and be ready to have some fun! 🤟🍀🔒

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Saturday Morning loop: Intermediate Group Ride

Carrer de la Marina, 19

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