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What better way to prepare yourself for a profitable week in the business world than a dollop of saturated fat, salt, and caffeine?

Yes, it's the Power Breakfast.

It's a simple proposition: we meet early for said breakfast, we divide up the world between us, we indulge in lots of 1980s motivational speak and then we go to our respective places of employ (that's back home in my case) and run in circles, fighting for our dirty little chunk of it. Cool.

You might be creative, technical, or a filthy capitalist, it doesn't really matter. But it helps if you like eggs.

Important: the bill is divided equally and payment made as one. Likely cost is £8-£10 each. Coming along means that you agree to this.



I'm not a megalomaniac like you. Can I still attend?

Yes. But don't underestimate the power of bubble-and-squeak to rock your world.

Bubble-and-squeak -what the hell is that?

You've lived a sheltered life, my friend. Probably abroad.

But all this hard-nosed business stuff -it's not very Bath. Can't we all just chill out and paint pictures and write novels and scuff our feet through piles of russet leaves in a joyful appreciation of life itself?

You've described my 50s.

Most amusing. You do realise that none of this page is remotely funny?

Neither are Monday mornings.