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Zen Tea Moment - Topic: Be happy
What we'll do Tea culture in China differs from that in European countries. The concept of tea culture is referred to in Chinese as chayi ("the art of drinking tea"), or cha wenhua ("tea culture"). Tea drinking customs. There are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in Chinese a sign of respect, friends gatherings, To show gratitude etc. # 1 Attitude means everything. Chinese people believe that one’s state of mind or attitude can be passed really easily to the others. That is why before actually performing the tea ceremony one needs to relax first, think about positive aspects of life and be at peace with himself or herself and with the entire Universe. The entire tea ceremony needs to be done in a calm and relaxed manner to truly create a peaceful and unique Chinese tea ceremony. #2 Tea selection is highly important. An oolong tea variety is usually being used for the traditional tea ceremony and sometimes, more rarely, pu-erh can also be used. For the Gongfu tea ceremony green tea is usually avoided. But that isn’t all. The tea variety must be carefully selected in advance taking into account both physical and spiritual characteristics. Physical characteristics refer to fragrance, taste and shape while the spiritual ones refer to the tea’s history, name and origin. #3 Water selection needs special attention. A perfect tea needs to be prepared with the perfect water. The best quality tea leaves prepared with inappropriate water give a bad taste to the tea. For the traditional Chinese tea ceremony only the purest and cleanest water is used to ensure not only a perfect tasting beverage, but also a tribute of respect and admiration to mother nature. #4 Don’t forget the ambiance. A peaceful and calm ceremony needs a comfortable, quiet and clean room. Chinese usually use artwork and beautiful items to enhance the overall atmosphere and to make their guests feel relaxed and fully enjoy the entire ritual. #5 The technique needs to be perfect. The perfect tea and atmosphere aren’t perfect without a technique to match them. The manner of serving should be relaxed and graceful reflected mostly through hand movements, facial expressions and the traditional ceremonial clothing. • What to bring Suggest love donation to support this kind of topic discussion event. Near the Woluwe Park

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What we're about

L'atelier Harmony Remedy aims to encourage and share a harmonious living through vegan diet change, body, mind and soul purification, personality cultivation in order to live harmoniously with ourselves and others.

We organise different kinds of activates to train a harmonious way of thinking and living.

Food Remedy

• Vegan food preparation is a grounded activity to teach those who want to have a vegan diet change.

• Food therapy experiment is a grounded activity to learn how food can remedy our body according to traditional Chinese medicine's principle.

• Vegan nutrition session is to introduce some knowledges for the diet transition vegan.

Tea remedy

• Tea ceremony is to train to live in present and zen moment.

Topic discussion

• Various spiritual topics discussions are to support each other to gain more wisdom in life.

Personality cultivation

• Personality cultivation is to get in touch with our true self and understand others in the interpersonal relationship.

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