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Jon Iannotti @ Bellingham Meals N Deals October
Our Bellingham Meals N Deals is held monthly on the fourth Wednesday and is open to the public. This event is FREE for members and $15 for guests. Registration is required to attend. Dinner is optional, but we designed these meetings so you can come hungry and network with a smaller group of members who live in your community! If you have never attended one of our events, then just register online and use promo code "guest" to attend your first meeting for free. Doors open at 6:00pm for networking, meeting begins at 6:30pm. Guest Jon Iannotti We are excited to announce that Jon Iannotti will be our special guest trainer this month at our Bellingham Meals N Deals. Jon will be teaching us about how their CATS can help YOU do more deals by giving you the tools needed to structure profitable transactions that others would normally pass on. CATS?!?!… No, we are not referring to his kitty cats… Jon and his wife Stephanie have created a real estate system they call CATS (Complete Agreeable Terms System). The CATS system is currently helping ordinary, everyday investors become extraordinary investors by giving them the tools they need to do deals that 99% of other investors don’t even realize are deals. Deals that are upside down. Deals where the seller wants full price and all cash. Deals where the seller is behind on payments. All types of deals you might normally throw in the trash. Jon will be hosting our last Advanced Training of 2018 on October 27th. Knowledge is the key and what you don’t know about how to structure creative transactions can definitely hurt your wallet. Imagine knowing how to take a lead most other investors would toss away and turn it into a profitable deal that could make you thousands in a very, very short period of time! During Jon's 90-minute presentation, Jon will teach you how to… • Make money without using your own credit, money or contractors • Turn a dud of a deal into a profitable deal • What to do when a seller wants full retail and all cash • Profit from houses that are upside down • Do as many deals per month as you desire • Make a minimum of $10,000 per deal • Get the benefits of ownership without actually owning the house • Put your entire business on “Cruise Control” • All this and much, much more! About Our Moderator... John Carey has been a REAPS member since 2014. He has been self-employed entrepreneur for the last 40 years. He spent 30+ years in the automotive field. he started his Real Estate investing at the age of 22 by buying his first duplex. He has been a full time investor since 2007. He holds Single Family rentals, Mobile Home/RV Park, Commercial Retail and does Rehab Flips. In his off time he enjoys family, the outdoors and music! REAPS Members Free Guests: $15 online, $20 at the door Registration is required ( " " )

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Let's get together to network and learn about off-market real estate deals! Our group will meet once a month at a local Bellevue or Seattle venue to network, discuss real estate investment ideas, learn about upcoming seminars, and get listings and access to off-market opportunities in Washington state! Who should join? Real Estate Investors, Designers, Contractors, Stagers, Real Estate Professionals, Property Owners, Young Professionals, Locals that want to learn more about real estate investing! Anyone is welcome to join our fun and lively group.

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